Olivia Wilde Directing Spider-Woman

After making a significant splash with her debut release, Booksmart, Olivia Wilde has become a sort after filmmaker and has now bagged a superhero film for a major studio.

Deadline has revealed Wilde will be directing Sony’s Spider-Man spin-off Spider-Woman as they continue to build out their Universe of Marvel Characters.

So to state as I’ve seen some confusion on Twitter, this is a Sony/Marvel movie NOT MCU and I couldn’t be happier. Mainly because, while a great mind and legend of modern cinema, Wilde would be just there to usher whatever vision Kevin Feige has.

Which means unlike the MCU pictures, the filmmaker will have much more control then she would under the super-producer. As you’ve seen from Booksmart, this will only mean good things.

This nearly didn’t happen as the report states Wilde’s card is get fuller working on a Christmas buddy flick at Universal. While also helming a star-studded psychological thriller called Don’t Worry, Darling for New Line Cinema starring Dakota Johnson, Florence Pugh, Chris Pine and Shia LaBeouf.

This project has been high on the list at Sony and understandably Wilde couldn’t turn down the chance to launch her own superhero movie with potential for sequels.

I am slightly bummed it isn’t a live-action Spider-Gwen with Hallie Steinfeld due to the success of Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse or reuniting with Booksmart co-lead Kaitlyn Dever.

Additionally, I thought Wilde would be perfect for Batgirl; nevertheless, it’s incredibly exciting to see Spider-Woman on the big screen and by all accounts will be Jessica Drew.

With a couple of changes from the comics, bring Drew in would be a smart play. Her backstory to how she got her powers is completely different to both Peter Parker and Miles Morales.

It could be more of a noir, detective story due to Drew’s Spider-Woman growing up to become a private investigator and be something completely different and new from the genre.

Sony is clearly serious of making a success of these Spider-Man spin-offs with Wilde being the second director hired following the potential interest in S.J. Clarkson directing a Madame Webb movie.

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