Excited For DC FanDome But Have A Tiny Issue

This week is an incredibly exciting week for DC fans as this Saturday the 24-hour fan event DC Fandome is available to fans across the world.

The hype is so mega that Zack Snyder is counting down the days with behind the scenes images from his Justice League.

Before I continue to write excitingly about this, I’m going to mention something I’m disappointed in, and it comes after seeing the teaser of James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad panel.

I was disappointed by the fact that after the wonderful teaser trailer of the fan event and Alisha Tyler was in a green-screened theatre. We were going to get this fantastic live experience with Tyler (or whoever host said panel) being in the same room as the talent, especially if everyone was Stateside.

I thought the talent would’ve been bubbled together in a hotel, then driven to Warner Bros Studios to give that special live feeling especially after the reaction and no one watching SDCC at home.

Sadly it was what I should’ve expected it being a jazzed-up Zoom meeting, which is understandably the cheaper opinion to travelling everyone into a hotel to quarantine for a couple of days and transport them into the studios.

Furthermore, I never minded these are pre-recorded as they’ll be airing on Saturday in the language of their nationality so we a global of fans can react as a community at the same time from Britain to Korea to New Zealand and Germany.

Meanwhile, the other issue that was brought to my attention was people complaining about the length of these panels being under 30 minutes and not only do I not mind the length, but I’m also happy these panels are short.

I don’t need to hear James Wan and Patrick Wilson talk about a film that’s two and a half years old. They have 10 minutes to go on thank the fans for making it a billion-dollar movie, answer a fan question or two and then drop some bombs about the sequel and The Trench spin-off.

The same goes for Zack Snyder’s Justice League. All I need is that if it’s going to be a series or film, a surprise appearance from the cast (because that would be fucking dope) taking questions and the official first trailer with the official title revealed.

Image via Zack Snyder

Because no offence to Snyder and co I don’t want long arse discussion, but things they’ve talked about or get asked questions that are pointless as this event for me in the UK finishes at 2am. So the length of these panels is to get in and get out while making splashes.

Additionally, it’s not the films I’m excited for it’s also the games and animated features moving forward post the end of the DCAU and Justice League Apokolips War. Still, I’ll be talking about those throughout the next couple of days counting down to DC FanDome.

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