Hall Of Heroes Trailer & Justice League Teaser Has Me Hyped For DC FanDome

Following these two trailer’s it’s understandable to state DC FanDome is the biggest day in DC’s history.

The event so big it’s being split into two days, but realistically everyone will be staying in the Hall of Heroes for the whole eight hours. This means this Saturday will be entirely focused on all the major films, TV and video games news and exclusives.

Despite the time difference and the panels ending at 2am here in the UK, I can’t wait for what we have in store, and the trailer released for the Hall of Heroes got me SO FUCKING HYPED!!

So remember the piece I wrote nip-picking that I wish talent were live in the hall with Aisha Tyler and it just looked like a jazzed up zoom meeting (read more here)? Well, I’m glad this trailer proved how wrong I was as it seems we’re getting the best of both worlds.

I’ll be excitingly taking about each panel tomorrow, but in the meantime, this trailer’s biggest reveal is Matt Reeves will be showing us something from The Batman!!!!

Update – Now we’ve got the first official logo with a Jim Lee drawing of Robert Pattinson’s Batman and it’s utterly glorious!!

I will speculate what it could be tomorrow, but what I will predict it’ll be the second most talked about thing of the fan event and weekend ahead of both the new Wonder Woman 1984 trailer and whatever James Gunn has up his sleeve for The Suicide Squad.

Additionally, we mustn’t forget Andy Muschietti is going to show us something during The Flash panel.

However, the top thing that will be spoken about from the weekend is Zack Snyder’s Justice League panel because the filmmaker just released a teaser of his JL and I couldn’t breathe I was that excited watching it and we’ll learn if it’s a film or series.

The teaser is stuff we’ve seen before in trailers and the theatrical cut. It’s the fact we’re hearing Junkie XL’s score for the first time that’s made me shit myself with excitement.

You can check out the teaser below.

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