Yes, God, Yes – ★★★★✩

Certificate – 15
Directed By – Karen Maine
Starring – Natalia Dyer, Francesca Reale, Wolfgang Novogratz, Alisha Boe, Timothy Simons.
Running Time – 77 Minutes (1 Hour 17 Minutes)

In recent years female-led teen sex comedies have become the fashion to the point even the American Pie franchise jumped on board (despite they should’ve led rise) with the crappest title Girls Rule having their first trailer.

The difference between that and Yes, God, Yes, is this small indie movie is utterly joyful, beautiful and has something to say. It will join the list (and it’s getting longer) of brilliant female-led teen sex comedies alongside Blockers, Booksmart and soon to be released Our Ladies.

What Is Yes, God, Yes About?

Like Our Ladies, this film focuses on the Catholic church. As growing up in the Midwest of the early 00s, Alice (Dyer) has always been a good catholic but when an innocent AOL chat turns racy and she discovers masturbation.

Overwhelmed with guilt and seeking redemption, she attends a mysterious religious retreat to try and suppress her urges, but it isn’t easy, especially after a cute upperclassman (the superbly named Wolfgang Novogratz) starts flirting with her.

Is It Any Good?

Oh hell yes! This film is funny, sweet and handles the subject matter with sensitivity. It might be the difference between how writer-director Karen Maine and an upcoming male director under a major studio.

Because you know if under a major label and with a bloke helming it would’ve played up the raunchiness and it would’ve lost its beauty.

That’s what Maine does; you see it in the direction with the pastel colours it brings an innocence to the film. While the filmmaker brings the comedy, especially when focusing on the hypocrisy of Catholicism and handling the sexual moments because who would’ve thought male arm hair would be sexy?

It also tackles slut-shaming and sexting without again losing its beauty.

The film is brought to life by Dyer’s electrifying performance and is easily the films MVP as it’s in her eyes that draw you in and route for her as she grows in the film becoming a woman.

It amazed me to find out Dyer is 25 and not in her late teens so can play these roles and brings out the innocence of the characters for years to come. Meanwhile, in Novogratz and Boe, you can see leading role stardom in their future.

Finally, I loved Ian Hultquist soft, gentle score and the music that helped add character.

Anything Bad About The Film?

I seriously can’t think of any that’s how much I enjoy this movie with a 77 minute run time it flew by and honestly would’ve loved another 20 minutes.


A beautiful, funny and charming coming-of-age and with a filmmaker of Maine skill and acting of Dyer it’s a must-see joining the list of stellar movies in the genre.

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