S.J. Clarkson Working on A Secret Sony Marvel Movie

While we have to wait for Morbius and Venom 2 to hit the big screen in 2021, it hasn’t slowed Sony Pictures down as it developing its slate of Marvel movies.

According to Variety, TV veteran director S.J. Clarkson has signed up to develop this secret Sony Marvel project. They’re saying the film will be the first female-centric Marvel movie, but it’s unsure whom.

One strong possibility is the rumoured Madame Web character rumoured to be in development. However, no further details are known (even though Collider broke the Madame Web story last year), but sources to the US trade are saying Sony is looking for an A-lister, like Charlize Theron or Amy Adams, to join then hire a writer to develop the film around them.

Which seems mental to me. Because Madame Web is an elderly woman, and the key to the Spider-Verse from what I can remember from the dope 90s animated series (now on Disney+). So instead of making her hot and younger, just make her around the same age before her chronic neuromuscular disease kicks in.

On the other hand, if it’s not Web, the great thing about Spider-Man is he has a great list of female characters. Especially with the popularity of Spider-Gwen from the fantastic Spider-Verse movie. They have the perfect actress by bringing Hailee Steinfeld from voicing to live-action.

The more I think about it Madame Web is a perfect supporting character then the lead of her own film, especially with the likes of Silk, Black Cat, Spider-Gwen and even a journalist movie with Mary-Jane Watson could be cool.

Even though the studio wants a female lead movie, who’s to say Clarkson is developing one and is instead working on a Kraven movie?

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