Could The DC Snyderverse Find Home On HBO Max?

After the wonderful news of Zack Snyder’s Justice League becoming a real thing and heading to HBO Max in 2021. Could this open the floodgates for the return of the Snyderverse?

Ultimately, it’ll be down to us the fans to go and hand over money. So in the US, it’ll be a high number of subscribers to HBO Max from next week or the months before Zack Snyder’s Justice League (god that sounds nice) is released.

Image via Zack Snyder’s Twitter

I think with The Batman now coming out in October 2021, which is perfect, it leaves the summer open for the streaming service to market and promote it as a summer event.

Build it up as the summer of Snyder by which the filmmaker continues these watchalongs for his other movies, but they’re exclusive to HBO Max (or maybe a partnership with Vero). So Sucker Punish, 300, Legend of the Guardians get a revisit.

All building up towards the release of Justice League.

What’s Next?

WarnerMedia should be using this time to be in discussions with their international partners so that when they’re about to drop the 4-hour film or six chapter series, it’s a worldwide event similar to Warner Bros releasing a big-screen DC movie.

The reason for this is to limit the number of piracies to a minimum because it’ll be a slap in the face to everyone involved, especially the Snyders. Also if you’re part of the fanbase and decide to pirate it then you never cared in the first place and you’re a fucking loser.

Ben Affleck GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

I’m not sure what the situation is for other countries, but HBO Max won’t be coming to the UK anytime soon as WarnerMedia and Sky signed a five-year deal to broadcast all HBO and Max shows on the cable network’s Sky Atlantic channel.

Which could mean if you’re in the UK, it’s 100% worth getting NOW TV as they have Sky Atlantic.

Additionally, before the release, do a worldwide fan/press event of either the first two chapters or the whole four hours with a break in the middle.

So if you want to see David Ayer’s true vision for Suicide Squad then show WarnerMedia, HBO Max, AT&T and Warner Bros you’re willing to pay for it in subscriptions.

Also, I better be able to buy the blu-ray whenever that comes out.

The Hope

This is the fun bit as we can speculate and build a picture of our hopes.

The announcement opened the doors to many possibilities, first being a true sequel to Man of Steel and we can see Henry Cavill continue to be our Superman returning to the big screen.

Image via Warner Bros

Meanwhile, HBO Max could be the perfect home for Ray Fisher’s solo Cyborg movie, and we know there’s a Ben Affleck Batman script just hanging around.

Now, while I’d love to see Affleck direct his solo Batman movie, I think that part of his life with the training and what have you is in his mind. Plus as a filmmaker made wouldn’t want to step on the toes of Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson.

Which is why having an incredible animated Batman movie with Affleck’s Dark Knight would solve all the issues while Warner Bros Animation could create something on par with Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse.

Image via Clay Enos/ Warner Bros

Animation could be the way to go for the Snyderverse on the streaming service, especially if he wanted to complete his Justice League trilogy with live-action solo movies on the big screen.

However, that doesn’t have to stop them from live-action as the streaming service could bring in Gareth Evans to do his Deathstroke movie and we could have a solo Will Smith Deadshot.

The thing WB and Snyder will have to do if they move forward is balancing how they would bring in Shazam, Birds of Prey and the other movies within the DCEU. The easiest option I could think of is everything from Shazam onwards is set after this Justice League or the final of Snyder’s JL trilogy.

This could be a blessing for Reeves as he will no longer be asked if it’s connected to the DCEU and the filmmaker can have his own little world of Batman characters to play.

Image via Matt Reeves Twitter

It’ll be about content for HBO Max and using strong characters. I think if they had a Ben Affleck animated Batman, it’ll bring viewers and have something to rival Netflix.

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