Ben Affleck Returning To DC For Aqauman 2

It appears Ben Affleck is making a comeback at Batman in the upcoming Aquaman sequel.

In a heart-warming post, Jason Momoa shared a photo of himself and fellow Justice League member Affleck on Instagram, seemingly confirming he’ll be making an appearance in The Lost Kingdom.

In a caption, the lead star said: “Reunited Bruce and Arthur. Love u and miss u Ben WB studio tours just explored the backlot alright. Busted on set all great things coming Aquaman 2 all my aloha j.”

So what should we make of this, is it the return of the Snyderverse? The simple answer is no.

Even though it’s on his IG, Warner Bros haven’t confirmed anything either officially or through the likes of The Hollywood Reporter or Variety.

However, if true, I’ll be so fucking happy to see the Oscar winners Bruce Wayne making one of his penultimate appearances before The Flash, where he’ll hang up the cape with Michael Keaton continues in his place.

It seems like this has come around as there were rumours that Keaton makes a brief cameo near the end of Aquaman 2 as this film was originally set to release after The Flash, but with the change to the schedule, it is now coming out before.

This means changing the Keaton scene for Affleck to keep to some sort of timeline. Additionally, I don’t see it being a huge cameo, just something as the film comes to an end, but it’s just wonderful to see this Bruce (I say Bruce because he’s not showing up in full Batman costume) once again.

As for the Snyder fans, which I am one of, this shouldn’t mean anything for the Snyderverse because it’s not going to happen. Mainly because DC is going in a different route with Robert Pattinson leading solo Batman films and the Spider-Man: Homecoming star playing a minor but important role in the DCEU.

Image via Jonathan Olley/ Warner Bros

Plus, Snyder is clearly buzzing creating his own worlds and films at Netflix, and may let that continue. Whilst Affleck is currently living his best life as the new Mr Lopez.

Finally, Keaton makes his permanent return to the Caped Crusader as he follows up from Flash to have an essential role in Batgirl opposite Leslie Grace as Barbara Gordon and JK Simmons’ Detective Jim.

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