Matrix Star Jessica Henwick Teases Knives Out 2

As we’re entering the final five months of the year (god, what a terrifying thought), there are films still to be looking forward to, with Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery topping most people’s list of most anticipated movies of 2022.

It’s easy to see why as 2019’s Knives Out was the most surprising and delightful movies of the year with director Rian Johnson introducing us to Daniel Craig’s charismatic southern detective Benoit Blanc.

After signing a mega deal with Netflix, Johnson and Craig are back, and this time Blanc has to solve a case in Greece.

Under Blanc’s suspicion this time is an A-list cast, including Edward Norton, Kathryn Hahn, Janelle Monáe, Ethan Hawke, Kate Hudson, Leslie Odom Jr, Dave Bautista and Jessica Henwick.

Henwick spoke to The Radio Times and revealed what fans can expect.

“I’m a fan of the first one and I think fans will be happy,” she said. “Daniel was back Benoit has his style and his flair that is very specific to this film series, and yeah, it’s gonna hit all the same fun beats. It’s such a ride,” The Gray Man star added.

Image via Warner Bros

The actress went on to reveal she tried to play detective when reading the script but sadly found herself unable to match the level of Blanc.

“The script was a brick. When it come in, it’s like… I don’t even remember, it’s very, very long. So I was turning pages trying to figure it out,” she explains.

“But I know Rian was so clever, I knew there was no way I was going to figure it out before he wanted me to.”

The cast that Johnson assembled and knowing from the original movie how much fun they had, it was no different this time as Henwick described it as “such as blast” and it “felt like we were at summer camp.”

Image via NME/ Matt Berberi

She continued: “We spent a month together in Greece and then a month in Serbia, the first month doing exteriors and the second one doing interiors.

“And we all lived down the road from each other, and we’re in every scene together. So it was very intense, but an incredible bonding experience with some super talented actors.”

When the title of the Knives Out follow-up was revealed as Glass Onion, I asked Johnson why they went with “A Knives Out Mystery” instead of a Benoit Blanc mystery.

The filmmaker said: “We wanted to make sure everyone (not just people who follow movies) knew it was the follow-up to Knives Out. But hoping the more we make of these, we can eventually take the training wheels off.”

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery is set to come out on Netflix later in 2022.

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