Tomb Raider Film Rights Starts Bidding War

Tomb Raider is looking to find a new home as its been revealed MGM has lost the film rights to the video game IP and a reboot is planned.

Revealed by The Wrap, this lapse in rights has sparked a massive Hollywood bidding war with all studios interested in getting their hands on the popular and lucrative property.

They continued by adding MGM, who were brought by Amazon earlier in the year, had until May to get a sequel to the decent 2018 film greenlit and at one point had Free Fire‘s Ben Wheatley attached before he departed for The Meg 2.

Image via MGM

Afterwards, Lovecraft Country showrunner Misha Green was reportedly on board for the sequel at one point and was planned to write and direct, but nothing came of it.

While it’s exciting something could happen with Tomb Raider, it deserves to be a franchise. It’s sad it won’t be an Alicia Vikander-led sequel as it did decently at the box office making nearly $275 million.

Now that’s dead in the water and a reboot will be planned for whoever is successful with their bid. They will work alongside producer Graham King and his GK Films banner in creating it.

As for who that successful studio will be is up for debate as you can make a case for all of them, but ultimately I could see Sony and Paramount being the frontrunners only to be outbid by the likes of Netflix or even Apple, in a move that would bolster their streaming service.

Image via MGM

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