Michael B. Jordan’s Val Zod Superman Project Have Found Writers

Michael B. Jordan’s Superman project focusing on Val Zod has progressed as Darnell Metayer & Josh Peters have been hired as writers.

The project will be heading to HBO Max as a series and handed by Jordan’s production company Outlier Society. The Kryptonian that will lead this adaptation called Val Zod and has the same backstory as Kal-El/Clark Kent. The difference is he lands on Earth 2 and becomes their new Man of Steel as in the comics has to fight a brainwashed Superman.

Deadline reports Metayer & Peters have “got an unexpected take on the iconic Earth-2 character’s origin story.”

It seems this show has got some top writers as have created some top TV shows and films. They broke onto the scene with the pilot of American Snow, another project The Nola was sold to Amazon with Sam Raimi directing.

Elsewhere, a one-hour pilot on Carthaginian general Hannibal was snapped up by Apple and will be helmed by Creed II’s Steven J. Caple Jr and recently worked on Transformers: Rise of the Beasts for Paramount Pictures, releasing June 24, 2022.

The one thing that’s unclear is who will play the Man of Steel with Jordan heavily speculated but hasn’t signed on to lead, only attached as an executive producer along with Elizabeth Raposo for Outlier Society.

Yet it’s hard to see anyone but Jordan filling out the blue and silver spandex.

Once again, similar to the Brendon Fraser joining Batgirl, why wasn’t this announced at DC FanDome? It could’ve been a quick five-minute announcement with the Black Panther star saying how excited he is to bring a new interpretation of this iconic hero to life and they’ve found the perfect writers to tell this story.

It would’ve been quick and made a splash for the event.

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