A Black Canary Movie In The Works

Ever since the release of Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey, fans have been continuously hoping we’ll get to see more of the likes of Jurnee Smollett’s Black Canary and Huntress, played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Now our hopes have been answered.

As Smollett will once again let the canary cry as DC Films have placed the spinoff project into early development and will appear on HBO Max as the streaming service continues to grow the DCEU.

Image via Warner Bros

Which include Batgirl, Blue Beetle and series on a black Superman and the Green Lantern Corps.

Smollett, a standout in the 2020 Warner Bros DC movie, will be reuniting with Lovecraft Country creator Misha Green, who The Hollywood Reporter states will be writing the script with Sue Kroll, who produced Prey, will be producing Carnary.

At this moment, no director has been attached, but I wouldn’t be shocked if a filmmaker who directed an episode of the massively popular Lovecraft Country gets announced.

Furthermore, no story details have been revealed. Still, given Canary has been around since the late 1940s in DC Comics, there are over 80 years of stories with the significate chunk beginning in the 60s when she began associating with Green Arrow.

Personally, because they were the best part of the film and when they were together, the chemistry was incredible. I was hoping for a Canary and Huntress buddy road trip film as they fight crime in different cities.

Ultimately, this news has got me buzzing as we get to see Smollett going round and kicking many arses. My hope is she takes on Lady Shiva and/or Cheshire, and we end the film with her appearing in Star City and possibly meeting Oliver Queen.

Shoutout to Cinelinx, who broke the story about this project first.

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