James Bond Producers End Talk Of TV Series Stating “We Make Films For The Cinema”

When it was announced that Amazon have bought MGM, meaning they own the distribution rights to James Bond, fans (like myself) speculated about what this could mean for the property’s future.

While not an MCU/DC style cinematic universe of interconnecting stories, I thought we might’ve seen two or three spinoff TV series. Focusing on Naomie Harris’s Moneypenny, Nomi played by Lashana Lynch in No Time To Die and an animated series of Charlie Higson’s Young Bond.

Image via Eon Productions/ Universal

However, those ideas or any thoughts of a TV series have been completely and utterly destroyed as Bond producer Barbara Broccoli told Total Film, “We make films. We make films for the cinema. That’s what we do.”

“We’ve resisted that call for 60 years”, added fellow Bond producer Michael G. Wilson.

I think this sets out the sort of relationship Eon will be having with Amazon in the future once the MGM deal is approved. Broccoli won’t be taking any shit from anyone. Amazon will handle the budget and theatrical distribution as this will be the franchise that will recoup the $8.45 billion quicker than anything else.

Next year marks 60 years of this wonderful character on the big screen, but the producers haven’t talked about the future, especially since No Time To Die hasn’t been released yet.

“It’s tough to think about the future until this film has its moment,” stated Broccoli.

The long-time series producer goes on to add, “I think we just really want to celebrate this and celebrate Daniel, and when the dust settles, then look at the landscape and figure out what the future is. Although I think one thing we’ve certainly learned in the last 18 months is you never know what the future is. So we have to sit down and think about it.”

I can understand showing respect for Craig’s run and let NTTD have the spotlight, and it’s so clear Broccoli loves Daniel. It’s understandable as he was the first Bond she cast as the head of the franchise.

Image via Eon Productions/ Universal

However, I don’t believe she and Wilson haven’t talked about the future especially looking at actors to take over the role and either looking at other filmmakers to direct or talked to Cary Joji Fukunaga about returning.

Whatever the status of the future, No Time To Die is finally getting released after multiple delays as the world premiere will take place next month at the Royal Albert Hall in London before the film’s release on September 30.

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