Chris Hemsworth Is Earning More As Thor Than Robert Pattinson Is As The batman

It seems to be the recent trend to know what actors earn do doing their job.

Ever since Scarlett Johansson got ripped off, losing out on bonuses she was to be earned and due from a Black Widow theatrically exclusive release. She rightly placed a lawsuit against her employer Disney. Then Mouse House decided to try marking her name in a press release stating she earned $20 million for doing her job.

Then it was reported Emma Stone was returning for Cruella 2 earn a maximum $50 million from box office bonuses and backends.

Image via Disney

Now Variety has posted a story of other A-listers and top named stars wages from films they’re working on. The headline is Robert Pattinson receiving $3 million for doing The Batman compared to Chris Hemsworth earning just under seven times that $20 million for Thor: Love and Thunder.

Fans wondered why playing the title role as significant as Batman would be such a lower figure than Hemsworth as Thor. However, whenever the sequel is announced, Pattinson will likely triple that before going to double digits by the third.

Additionally, while a great actor, Pattinson isn’t a massive box office draw, so this will be the first time we get to see how he’ll do in this department.

Image via Warner Bros

On the other hand, Hemsworth has starred in four Avengers movies and the lead in soon to be four Thor adventures. He probably got under a million when he starred in the first film before negotiating to star in multiple movies.

What amazes me is Daniel Craig will be earning more in these upcoming Knives Out sequels than he ever did as James Bond due to Netflix paying an eye-watering $100 million.

Image via Lionsgate

The Hollywood model has changed massively over the years from first-dollar gross, meaning an actor/actress earns before the studio gets box office receipts, to now upfront deals. An example of this is Dwayne Johnson getting $30 million to star in Amazon Studios’ Red One before ending with $50 million when his backends are agreed.

Netflix is paying Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence $30 million and $25 million to star in the Adam McKay directed Don’t Look Up. The streaming service is also giving Ryan Gosling $20 million to appear in the spy thriller The Grey Man that includes a multipicture bonus.

The pandemic era is causing terrific headaches for studios, with Warner Bros paying both Will Smith and Denzel Washington $40 million for their respective titles King Richard and The Little Things to be shown on HBO Max and in cinema simultaneously. WB had to give them the box office bonuses they were due they wouldn’t get into shit like Disney.

Image via Warner Bros

This deal includes Matrix 4 with Keanu Reeves will be entitled to $12-$14 million in back-end payments. Moreover, when Without Remorse moved from Paramount to Amazon, Michael B. Jordon was compensated $15 million.

One only person living in the best of both worlds is Tom Cruise. The actor is the last of the traditional movie stars and still demands first-dollar gross, meaning he earns tens of millions once box office milestones have hit. This is on top of the $13 million upfront acting fee Paramount is paying for Top Gun: Maverick.

What I find crazy in all of this is Paramount paying Chris Pine $11.5 million for their hopeful franchise Dungeons and Dragons. When I say it’s crazy is not because Pine isn’t worth that much. I thought it would’ve been around $15 million, is that Paramount is forking over so much in the hope it becomes a franchise.

I’m sure Pine is too, so he can earn that ScarJo/Hemsworth dollar.

There are more earnings in the Variety report, which I recommend you check out, and while it should never bother us, it is interesting. I’d love to know what Ben Affleck received for playing Batman and if there were bonuses to all the Justice League cast when the Snyder cut was released.

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