Bryan Edward Hill Is Writing The New Reboot of Power Rangers

A new reboot of Power Rangers is on its way as eOne and Hasbro have brought in Bryan Edward Hill to write the script for the movie.

Deadline broke the story saying a deal between the two sides are close that will see eOne develop and produce the project with Jonathan Entwistle directing the film.

This comes following last week’s news that Entwistle (The End of the F***ing World) will be masterminding a new interwoven Power Rangers universe for both film and TV.

Hasbro isn’t resting on their laurels as Power Rangers had a reboot (with ones to a cinematic universe) with a decent movie in 2017 and released by Lionsgate. The reason why the film ultimately failed is that it had a budget of $100 million and only made $142.3 million at the box office.

Now at a new studio and hopefully Hasbro has learnt from their mistakes and give the British filmmaker a more reasonable budget and with the attachment of Hill, they’ve got a decent writer to pen the screenplay.

Hill has become a more prolific writer in Hollywood, having worked on many mediums. In movies has recently adapted Black for Warner Bros as well as Revenge of Magic and handled the rewrites for Paramount’s I Am Yours. Meanwhile, in TV, he Co-Produces Greg Berlanti’s DC series Titans.

It doesn’t stop there for the 43-year-old Chicago native has he’s also written for some massive comics like Marvel, DC, Vertigo and Boom.

As a Rangers fan, I can’t wait to see what Hill and Entwistle have in store for us and create something awesome because I do believe this property to be a reasonably successful franchise. I’ll be interested in how they make it nostalgia enough of 90s kids like me and bring in a new generation.

It won’t be easy due to the disappointment of the highly decent and entertaining 2017 flick and would’ve loved to seen more from that world and cast (since a lot of them have become bigger names following the Lionsgate movie).

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