An Assassin’s Creed Universe Is Coming To Netflix

Following the success of The Witcher, Netflix is returning to the world of video games and have partnered with Ubisoft to create a TV universe based on Assassin’s Creed.

Digital Spy reports the press release that the streaming service has described the project as an “epic, genre-bending live-action adaptation” and that they’re currently searching for a showrunner.

While Ubisoft Film & Television’s Jason Altman and Danielle Kreinik will serve as executive producers on the show.

The most important part of the press release is Netflix’s vision of the property that under the agreement, they’ll be different forms of adaptations in live-action, animated and anime series.

It seems like the streamer wanted to make a point of this and I think it’s excellent as Netflix has really upped their game in the anime style with the latest release Blood of Zeus receiving decent reviews from fans and critics alike.

A franchise like Creed could blend the genre forms and as the games are set in different eras like Roman, Independent America, Ancient Egypt and the upcoming release focusing on Vikings.

Image via Ubisoft

What will be the worry for many was the film adaptation was one of the years worst movies in 2016, but what everyone at Ubisoft has learnt how not to do it and with Netflix, they know the property is in great hands.

As for who Netflix should go after to show-run the live-action series, I believe Gareth Evans would be an incredible hire. Just look at his Raid movies and the Sky Atlantic series Gangs of London.

I would love to see it set during the Opium Wars between China and Great Britain in 1839-42 because I think it would be great to see an assassin(s) murder East India Company merchants.

The people I want to do the killing is Lewis Tan and Jessica Henwick.

If this were the 80s/90s, Tan would be one of the biggest action stars in Hollywood. By god, he deserves the same respect now. He’s incredible in Into The Badlands and Wu Assassins and just hope Mortal Kombat is his big breakthrough.

Additionally, Tan as everything, action/stunt work and leading man looks to be a franchise lead. He was my pick to be Dick Grayson Nightwing to Ben Affleck’s Batman.

As for Henwick, the British actress is on the brink of becoming major Hollywood lead and honestly wouldn’t be surprised if she had her own action film or starting in a Bond film in three years or so.

With the likes of Godzilla vs Kong and The Matrix 4, the latter made headlines recently with her pitch to Keanu Reeves of a Jess Wick.

The two of them and under the stewardship of Evans would create a kick-ass live-action action series.

In regards to the animation/anime series, Netflix should go all out and get Sam Liu.

Liu has directed or been involved in some of the best DC animated films like Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay, The Death of Superman/Reign of the Supermen and my favourite Death.

He has so much experience behind him that he would make an incredible series in either animated or anime.

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