Oscar Isaac Is Moon Knight For The MCU Disney+ Series

Oscar Isaac is set to join another major franchise in the form of the MCU as he’ll be playing Moon Knight in the upcoming Disney+ series.

According to Deadline, Isaac is currently in negotiations with the Mouse House and Marvel Studios to star as the title character Marc Spector aka Moon Knight with The Umbrella Academy’s Jeremy Slater developing and leading the writing team for the streaming series.

This is an incredible choice to get an actor of Isaac’s talent, and it must mean Kevin Feige has bigger plans outside the D+ series for the character, so don’t be shocked if he pops up in a supporting role in a future movie.

I have little interest in the MCU besides Spider-Man (which they continue to get wrong), but this news and the character itself has made me far more interested.

As stated above the 41-year-old has been involved in plenty of massive franchises. Coming up will be Dune, which is set to be more than one film, and recently finished in the universe of Star Wars. Meanwhile, there was Fox’s X-Men and the Bourne films.

Elsewhere starred in films like Inside Llewyn Davis, A Most Violent Year and Ex Machina.

It had been wondered before yesterday if Marvel were still interested in doing a series because there has been no news or movement following the announcement at last years D23.

Image via Disney+/Marvel Studios

If you have no idea who Moon Knight is, it’s understandable as he’s not a major Marvel character. The superhero under Spector is a mercenary but also has numerous alter egos in the form of cabbie Jake Lockley, who gets info from a street level, and then there’s millionaire playboy Steven Grant, who is basically Bruce Wayne.

In a lot of ways Moon Knight is Marvel’s Batman.

Finally, no production date has been set, but Disney/Marvel are now looking for a director for the series.

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