What Could Be Done In A Season Two Of Teenage Bounty Hunters

Yesterday I posted my review of this hidden gem series on Netflix called Teenage Bounty Hunters and to must shock it was blowing up my Twitter as the awesome fans of the show started sharing it and it made my day.

It was going so insane that I wanted to apologise to those I tagged in it for blowing there feed too.

I want to make it clear TBH are doing what Snyder Cut (I am one) fans were doing for years and passion and love for something, especially if you find comfort in it is never a bad thing.

However, it got me thinking the fans love the show so passionately is because the show got wrongly (SPOILER) cancelled after its first season by the streaming service and like Snyder Cut fans and Save Lucifer fans, they want the show to have a second chance.

Image via Netflix

I agree. Season one has so many storylines throughout and with the shocking reveal in the finale, second series had so much to explore with Sterling and Blair.

So for a bit of fun, here’s how I’d do with season two of Teenage Bounty Hunters.

Staying at Netflix

The reason for this is executive producer Jenji Kohan signed an overall deal with the streamer back in 2017 and has a strong track record with acclaimed series Orange Is The New Black.

Furthermore, the show is incredibly popular with Rotten Tomatoes scores of 92% from critics and an even higher audience score of 95%. When you compare them to Ryan Murphy’s (who also got a big payday deal) The Politician with scores of 48%/81% respectively and this is got a second season.

Those 90s number is what the streamer loves and has got a tremendous loyal fanbase.

TBH Costs Netflix Peanuts, So Advertise It Better

Compare to the $10 million Netflix is spending per episode on The Witcher, TBH is a drop in the ocean due to filming in Atlanta, the cast of upcomers and small size.

Even, according to speculation, 13 Reasons Why had a $5 million-per-episode for 13 episodes. TBH would be less than half and for a shorter season of 10 episodes.

Image via Tina Rowden/Netflix

Unlike 13 Reasons or The Politician who have Selina Gomez and Murphy as executive producer or a Henry Cavill starring, they didn’t have a big name attached, so they have to work and spend on getting the word out.

To help with that instead of one massive binge make season two release episodes weekly. It would mean you would have 10, or nine if you released the first two episodes, weeks of getting the show out there and get more press to review the show.

Then with the fanbase, word will spread, but they’ll have to understand this little punk show that only a few of us know will become mainstream.

With all the behind the scenes stuff out of the way. Let’s talk about progressing subplots and storylines heading into season two. So it goes without saying this will contain spoilers and here’s a picture from the show and thanks for reading, hope you return when you’ve watched the show.

Image via Netflix

Sterling and Blair’s Relationship

The biggest reveal of the whole season was that Sterling (Maddie Phillips) and Blair (Anjelica Bette Fellini) weren’t twin sisters. Sterling is the biological daughter of their criminal aunt Dana, smashing the Wesley family secret.

That’s all we know so it could be revealed in the first 10 minutes that parents Debbie (Virgina Williams) and Anderson (Mackenzie Astin) adopted Sterling from birth and raised both kids as twins.

Image via Netflix

What this revelation could do is break one of the best things in the show with the twin’s talk telepathy, and I would break it in the opening episode. The mental signal is broken, they both try, but can’t connect in that way throughout the series until it’s truly needed in the season finale.

Sterling Continual Sexual Discovery

One of the shows greatest strengths is the positive outlook on sex and sexuality with Sterling discovering who she is as a person. She started the series losing her virginity to boyfriend Luke (Spencer House) and then surprise twist of hooking up with frienemy April (Devon Hales).

Before the big reveal, Sterling looked to be getting back with Luke. Whoever, I don’t think that’ll happen with Sterling will take care of herself (with Blair by her side) and continue her bisexual discovery.

Image via Netflix

Blair Finds Her Creativity

One of the heartbreaking moments of the season finale is Blair confessing her love for Miles (Myles Evans) in front of his family, only to learn he has kept her a secret from them.

Before cutting him off and breaking up, she tells him how extraordinary she’ll continue to be with one area will be her creativity.

In episode 8, Blair was undercover as a singer at a recording studio. I’d bring this subplot back with a producer hearing the song and wants to hear more. So Blair uses her experience of the whole first season and heartbreak to write songs.

Image via Tina Rowden/Netflix

This begins the journey of Blair possibly leaving bounty hunting behind and focus on music.

The Revenge Of John Stevens On The Wesley Family

The return of April’s father John Stevens (Pierce Lackey) was a surprise, and I’d have the co-main storyline focusing on his revenge of the sisters and Wesley family altogether.

Because the fall out of him revealing the sisters are bounty hunters will be massive from the anger of their parents, April’s hatred towards Sterling for ruining her and families life, John suing Debbie and Anderson for unnecessary emotional harm and Bowser (Kadeem Hardison) losing his licence and having to move on.

Bowser Finds Happiness & Losses It All

Bowser is the mentor Blair and Sterling needed, and the girls were the friends he needed.

Image via Netflix

The job still needs to be done and finally getting a payday from getting Dana helps up operations to something more professional. We finally see Bowser happy alongside teaching the girls to become bounty hunters.

Meanwhile, in his personal life, he finds a way to move on from Yolanda and meets someone while getting a skip.

However, the revelations from John Stevens that Bowser teaching minors doesn’t go down well with the girls parents and the state, but to protect Yolanda (Shirley Rumierk) takes the blame alone and loses his licence.

Image via Tina Rowden/Netflix

Twin Magic For The Win

In the finale needs to end John Stevens ruining Sterling and Blair’s family and with Bowser unable to help, the girls go out on their own (with the help of Yolanda and Terrence) to 100% prove without doubt Stevens has beaten up more than one prostitutes.

During the episode, we finally see the return of the twin telepathy that proves they may not be twins in blood, but Blair is Sterling’s sister and more importantly will forever be her twin.

This comes at the perfect time to plan out their sting on Stevens, and they get the video footage that will prove, without doubt, he beats women and is sent to jail.

Image via Netflix

I have more ideas like a new character who’s a political rival to Myles’ mother, but they’re less fleshed out and substantial compared to the once above.

I genuinely hope we get a season two of Teenage Bounty Hunters and know Kathleen Jordan have much better ideas than these, but let me know what you think.

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