Teenage Bounty Hunters – ★★★★✩

Certificate – 15
Created By – Kathleen Jordan
Starring – Maddie Phillips, Anjelica Bette Fellini, Kadeem Hardison, Virginia Williams, Mackenzie Astin, Shirley Rumierk, Devon Hales, Spencer House, Myles Evans
Running Time – 500 Minutes (each episode is 50 minutes)

When searching to find if the wonderful Yes, God, Yes was on the UK Netflix (sadly not it’s only on the US), but I came across a series called Teenage Bounty Hunters, and the trailer made me laugh.

I haven’t binged a series fast enough since the first season of The Boys, and it was ten episodes of pure joy.

What Is Teenage Bounty Hunters About?

Twin sisters Sterling (Phillips) and Blair (Fellini) team-up with experienced bounty hunter Bowser Jenkins (Hardison) and start bringing in local criminals. The girls learn to balance the dangers of their new job with their school life in a Southern Christian high school, including romance, school work and activities and popular kids.

Is It Any Good?

TBH is a hidden gem for the streaming service, and I would’ve thought they would promote it more as it’s the perfect series that tackle so many issues like sexuality, religion and politics, but never hits you over the head with it.

Just playful jabs throughout each episode.

The success of the show is down to the three main characters and those playing them. The writing for the sisters is so snappy and is brilliantly brought to screen by Phillips and Fellini to the point I thought they were sisters in real life.

Image via Tina Rowden/Netflix

Both actresses play off each other so wonderfully, and it’s lovely seeing a show where there isn’t an underline rivalry or hatred. They love each other and as well bring in the comedic edge, there’s also a lot of warmth.

This doesn’t stop them from being different people and in a lot of whys is a buddy comedy with Sterling the straight one while Blair is the wild one that loves kicking down doors.

Both twins grow and are much different people from episode one to the season finale as you seem them becoming the women they will be.

Some of their growth comes from Hardison’s Bowser, who plays a mentor to the girls in both the world of bounty hunting and in life. Despite the fact they annoy him to the point, he growls like a bear every time and every time I laugh.

Image via Netflix

Though you see they bring him happiness for the first time in his life of a while, even though on his phone labels Blair as The Brunette One.

Elsewhere, the supporting cast do a great job of helping progress the series with the first half manly focusing on Evans’ Miles and Luke played by House as they tackle the subject of sex, relationship and learning their roles as bounty hunters.

The second half is more character, and story-driven with Williams as their mother learning her backstory and Hales’ April grows from a typical mean girl to a more complexes character.

Once again, the writing by creator Kathleen Jordan and Alex Edelman is superb. It’s always funny (whoever the character but mainly Sterling and Blair) I want to know you wrote “just keep saying British words” in episode 6.

Anything Bad About The Series?

There’s nothing wrong with the series itself. My issues lay with Netflix.

Because the season finale has so many storylines that need answers in season two and I want to see Sterling and Blair continue to grow leaving high school and attending college.

My issue with Netflix is they release so many new shows, especially during the pandemic, that they don’t let anything breathe and THIS COULD’VE BEEN THEIR NEXT BREAKOUT SHOW!!

Image via Netflix

It has everything audiences like myself want from a show. I wish the steamer would’ve promoted it more and released episodes weekly to get more people (like myself) to come to it sooner.


A truly fantastic and funny show that’s brilliantly written and acted by Phillips, Fellini and Hardison. It will be your favourite new show.

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