Apple & Netflix Interested In Acquiring No Time To Die For Streaming

It’s becoming more likely No Time To Die will be the final James Bond under the MGM era as the studio needs money and there is a long line of buyers waiting in the wings.

It comes as Bloomberg states that MGM has even held discussions with streaming giants Apple and Netflix about taking the new 007 flick from their hands and put it directly to streaming.

However, the studio is staying firm on the theatrical release and “is not for sale” despite the fact the numbers rumoured for a possible sell would fetch $200/$250 million and maybe a bit more.

To put it into perspective, the last Bond adventure Spectre final US box office total was slightly over $200 million with 2012’s Skyfall the highest total of $304 million. A number MGM and Broccoli/Wilson know they won’t hit in the current market in North America.

A deal would help the studio recoup the budget of the movie, which is rumoured to be $250 million.

This needs to be said they deal would solely focus on the North American release of Daniel Craig’s final outing as Universal will release the film Internationally and there’s no way they’re giving that up.

The other name in the hat is Amazon as getting the rights to No Time To Die would be a significant coup for any of them in the streaming wars and an advantage when it comes to the clinching the rights to the whole franchise.

As Bond is the final huge property on a level of a Marvel, Pixar, DC and Star Wars for studios to get their hands on with rumours of Apple not going away.

It would make sense for the streaming newcomer to get Bond for the chance to be the only home to stream the whole James Bond library (which is a money maker in itself), but the new home of the future of the franchise.

Moreover, as I stated before in this article here, any deal must understand Barbara Broccoli won’t be going anywhere and will continue the family business and legacy because in the words of her late father Cubby Broccoli.

“Don’t let other people fuck it up” and I seriously think she takes it to heart and couldn’t let anyone not in the family take control of the character that’s been part of her life and footstep in the industry.

The one change I could see happening post-NTTD is Michael G. Wilson decides to retire, and his co-producer role will go to his son David.

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