First Looks At Javicia Leslie’s New Batwoman & Titans’ Red Hood

There was two significant costume reveals within the DC Universe as we got our first looks at Javicia Leslie’s Batwoman and the first live-action Red Hood for Titans.

The first reveal was highly anticipated look at Curran Walters’ Jason Todd transforming from Robin to the anti-hero/villain Red Hood. After HBO Max teased over the weekend and should be a major thorn in the side of the superhero team in the upcoming series 3 of Titans.

I have to say this costume is fantastic, especially for a first live-action adaptation of the popular character, keeping faithful to the comics.

Now, all we need to see is to what it’s like in live-action and the story of how Jason becomes the vigilante as we saw at the end of season 2 he went his own path.

Image via DC Titans Official Twiiter/ HBO Max

I think we can all predict it won’t follow the comic storyline of The Joker beating Jason to death. He was brought back to life in the phenomenal animated movie Under The Red Hood by Ra’s al Ghul using the Lazarus pit.

It seemed only hours later The CW unveiled the first images of Javicia Leslie in the Batwoman costume for the upcoming season 2.

Image via The CW

If you hadn’t heard Ruby Rose left the show taking the iconic character of Kate Kane with her. So producers were looking for a new actress and character to take up the mantle, step up Leslie as the newly created character of Ryan Wilder to become the new Knight of Gotham.

I’ll admit I had no interest in the series, don’t get me wrong Kane is a cracking character as seen in the animated film Batman: Bad Blood, CW didn’t give me anything to get excited, and the original casting of Rose didn’t blow me away.

This changed however with the casting of Leslie (honestly wish she was Kane and the Rose series was forgotten), then her talking about the role at DC FanDome and now this superb costume that is miles better than season ones.

I think it’s the added red around the suit, the complete removal of the awful red wig from something more natural and the fact this looks original instead of the lazy storytelling of this is one of Bruce Wayne’s old suit to take and change to fit Kane.

Image via The CW

We’ll see this suit as an evolution as Wilder will wear the original suit before getting her own custom made upgrade.

Batwoman season 2 continues to go up in my books, and I can’t wait to see the first teaser and trailer to showcase the feel and story of the show under Leslie.

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