Jude Law Is Playing Captain Hook In Disney’s Peter Pan & Wendy

Jude Law will continue the legacy that began with Jason Issacs of sexy blokes playing Captain Hook as the actor is in talks to play the villain in Disney’s Peter Pan & Wendy.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the story that this newest live-action adaption from the Mouse House will be based on their 1953 animated movie.

Image via Disney

Pete’s Dragon filmmaker David Lowery will be helming the project and will co-write the script with Toby Halbrooks (Pete’s Dragon, producing The Green Knight).

This isn’t the first time that this story has been brought into live-action with the first being Steven Spielberg’s 1991 Hook with Robin Williams as an adult Pan. Most recently was 2015’s Pan, an origin story with Hugh Jackman (not playing Hook), from Warner Bros and it bombed hard.

While the 2003 Universal/Columba’s Peter Pan isn’t that good either, it did do one thing in having Issacs play the iconic pirate and it’s the perfect time to rewatch it solely based on the pure sex appeal of the British actor in the role.

Image via Universal

Meanwhile, Law is an ideal pick to play the character and is part of the Disney family having played the villain in Captain Marvel.

It’s fair to say Disney has found decent success with their live-action with Aladdin and The Lion King grossing more than a $1 billion worldwide.

I know people on social media is moaning about another Peter Pan, but I think of the great work financially as Great Ormond Street Hospital gets a percentage of the profits.

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