Finding The Way Back – ★★★★✩

Certificate – 15
Directed By – Gavin O’Connor
Starring – Ben Affleck, Janina Gavankar, Al Madrigal, Michaela Watkins, Brandon Wilson, Melvin Gregg
Running Time – 108 Minutes (1 Hour 48 Minutes)

Finding The Way Back (or known as The Way Back) was the perfect movie at the ideal time in Ben Affleck’s life as he suffered from his demons after Justice League and the story followed Affleck’s own redemption.

What is Finding The Way Back About?

Jack Cunningham (Affleck) was a high school basketball superstar who walked away. Years later, he’s now stuck in a meaningless job and suffering from alcoholism that broke his marriage.

However, Jack gets a chance of redemption when he becomes the coach of his former school’s basketball that has fallen on hard times since his teenage years.

Is It Any Good?

Is this Affleck’s best performance since playing Batman in Batman v Superman and it’s even more impactful when you think out the situation around the actor’s personal life.

It’s a raw, emotionally, and open performance by Affleck that uses his star power to carry this simple story. There are things he does from practising his rejection to the coaching position to teaching these kids that grip the viewer.

Meanwhile, while simple, the story is more than just a sports movie – it’s a coming-of-middle-age story and the closing moments were surprising as I thought they were going to go another way but loved how they switched it up.

Elsewhere, O’Connor seems to get these great performances out of Affleck, and they should work together more and directed this movie beautifully.

Image via Richard Foreman/ Warner Bros

Finally, Rob Simonsen’s score is incredibly relaxing and could be used when you’re working as it worked with the film.

Anything Bad About The Film?

I’d liked to have seen more of couch Cunningham with the players, and while they share some tender moments, I would’ve loved more of his relationship with Gavankar.

Image via Richard Foreman/ Warner Bros


A beautiful but straightforward sports movie about redemption that showcases Affleck’s terrific performance.

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