Rumour: Henry Cavill Could Be Superman Again

It looks like Henry Cavill could be donning the red cape again as a new rumour suggests Warner Bros want to see the return of the Man of Steel.

If you like to take a pick of whatever salt you’d like to pinch, Heroic Hollywood’s EIC Umberto Gonzalez is reporting WB are shelving plans for a Supergirl instead wanting to do a new Superman movie with the British actor.

You can check out their full story below.

As I stated above, please that this with the most significant helping of salt when it comes to the subject of Cavill and the future of Superman because it seems no actually knows what’s happening.

If the studio does move forward with a new movie, giving Cavill a sequel. The Witcher star as stated to be interested in adapting Brian Azzarello and Jim Lee’s For Tomorrow story.

The bases of the story focus on Superman unable to save millions of people, including Lois Lane, from an event called The Vanishing, before learning these people are stuck in an alternate reality.

A lot of the story is him talking to a priest, Father Leone.

I think this a story that could be interesting as we could see a Superman finding that with all his power, he was still unable to save millions and the woman he loves. Additionally, we can finally see this franchise’s take on the Fortress of Solitude. We’ve already been introduced to Father Leone in Man of Steel.

The full story sounds intriguing with a cool big bad reveal. However, the story could be easily changed for the big screen to have Brainiac as the main villain giving one of DC greatest villains justice on the big screen for the first time.

No one is attached to write, let alone direct. This hasn’t stopped fans speculating what they want to see helm the Man of Steel sequel.

The top choice for many is the wonderful Denis Villeneuve. However, because of how he brought the film to life in the heartbreakingly beautiful A Monster Calls, J.A. Bayona (Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom) is my top pick.

If this rumour is true then fantastic, let’s wait and see and rewatch the incredible Man of Steel.

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