The Next Big Thing: Lizzy Joline

It’s been a while since I’ve written a feature piece on The Next Big Thing to keep your eye on after I Love You, Guys.

I finally found the next person to highlight who is only at the beginning of her career, but in the number of starring roles in short films have showcased her range as signs to becoming a top leading star.

I’m talking about Lizzy Joline, a name you’ll hopefully get familiar with when it comes to European acting talent. Hopefully, it won’t be too soon until the native Swiss bags a role for a Netflix original series similar to Money Heist or Elite.

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As the talented actress is fluent in three languages, German, Italian and English but whatever the language, Joline can show all sorts of emotion without saying a word.

This comes to the forefront in 2017 with Joline’s first leading role for Italian short film, Who’s The Beast. In which we see Claudia (Joline) become a victim to a couple of snuff filmmakers, only to be saved by wolves.

For only a few minutes, it’s a tough watch and it was the first thing I saw the Swiss in and was taken aback because as well as the acting, she has the beauty of any leading lady who’s piercing blue eyes could match Saoirse Ronan and Alexandra Daddario.

This comes clearer in 2018’s Fiaba where the only thought running in my head was she’d be great at doing the “dead girlfriend/wife happy memory dream”. Additionally, if there was any director or showrunner who ever wanted to bring The Grimm Brothers classic fairy tales to life then let me introduce to you your Little Red Riding Hood.

Joline seems so perfect for the role that someone seem to have seen it as she’ll be playing Rotkäppchen with the story being filmed in its native German. Sadly, the short was currently filming but had to stop for COVID.

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However, Joline will be coming to a screen soon as two projects are in post-production, Swiss Break in an untitled role and Natalia.

It’s clear I’m not the only one who sees talent in Lizzy as she was the lead in the short, The Untold, which won third place in the Drama category at South Africa’s short film festival, 1minutefilmfestival.

There’s more to come as she recently signed with a prestigious International agency working across Europe. With this move there’s hope for the Swiss will be part of a future group of European Shooting Stars with the award taking place at Berlinale aka the Berlin Film Festival.

If you want to find out more, click here to find her official website and IMDb.

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