This Year’s WrestleMania Has Shown The Future Of Wrestling

To quote Mr McBossman that was “such good shit,” this year’s Wrestlemania will go down in history as not only one of the most unique spectacles WWE has ever put on but will be remembered as one of the best showcases of immortals.

Going in, WWE had an uphill battle due to COVID-19 there were no fans, on a closed set in the Performance Centre, pre-recorded and shown over two nights this could’ve been a trainwreck. However, as Stephanie McMahon said at the top on night one, the superstars wanted us to forget the real world and bring entertainment and smiles.

Well, they succeed more than they had any right. The cliché saying is true, WWE are at their best when backed against a wall.

Not every match was perfect, and a handful of matches won’t have likely made it to the live show in front of the crowd, and two of these matches wouldn’t have worked.

On the other hand, WWE and stepped upon the next evolution of wrestling, thanks to Matt Hardy, cinematic wrestling (something British Indie promotion Riptide have been doing for years).

Before I continue with some of the talking points, everyone who worked on Wrestlemania deserves all of our love. From the handful of cameraperson who worked their socks off and were run ragged during the Last Man Standing match, everyone who worked in the editing bay and produced two fantastic nights of wrestling.

Finally, the talent for going all out to put on these shows, thank you for putting together my favourite Wrestlemania ever and for the first time I can’t pick what my favourite match was.

Cinematic Wrestling

The biggest talking point post Wrestlemania is WWE should do more cinematic wrestling. Over two nights, they were able to tell two completely different stories that were filmed in completely different genres.

Night One we had Undertaker and AJ Styles battle it out in a Boneyard match that was the return of an incredibly cool American Badass Taker shot in the style of a mega low budget Western.

Image via WWE

It had the feeling of an old, beaten sheriff taking on a cocky outlaw who had the run of his town and the sheriff had to put him in his place.

It was simple, effective and made him look like a complete badass to the point this is the only way to do Taker matches as sadly he’s far gone the live singles matches and this way we can get a few more years out of him.

However, with the limited series coming out, I don’t think it’ll be too long before he retires for good this time.

Image via WWE

On the other hand, AJ (while even getting literally buried) looked great and now can take some time off before return to build up to Summerslam.

Night Two was a completely different cinematic match, Bray Wyatt and John Cena created something fantastic with the Firefly Funhouse match and really played with the concept.

Image via WWE

The different themes and fears of the Cena persona were highlighted to mass effect. From having a terrible debut and the blandness of the Ruthless Aggression rookie, the WWE product he watched as a kid and his bodybuilding background, to the rapping character and his failed rap career and his relationship with Nikki Bella.

Then we had a look if he followed Hulk Hogan’s footstep and became a heel and had a second wind. Finally when Cena promised to “end the existence of one of the most over-hyped, over-valued, over-privileged WWE superstar in existence” he was talking about himself.

Image via WWE

It was wonderfully done as a cutting down of WWE’s superman and shout out to the Reddit user who did list these meanings.

The match also added to the Wyatt character and burying that cult leader character for good.

While I think this is the future of WWE, and it’s clear making films have helped in the production side, I don’t want this all the time. It should only be saved for Wrestlemania because I don’t know how it’d work with a live audience just watching a big screen for 10+ minutes.

Wrestlemania Should Be Two Nights

This will annoy a lot of people as Wrestlemania is a one-night mega event and it was true when the shows when under four hours but now they’re a full day and it affects the crowd.

Which is why making it a two-night event will not only make for better, less tired live audiences and hopefully better wrestling as superstars wouldn’t be waiting all day to make their appearance.

How would it work? I’d move NXT: Takeover from Saturday to Wednesday as it’d help with the rating’s battle against AEW, Friday instead of Smackdown it’s Hall of Fame. Then Saturday and Sunday is Wrestlemania with both the Women’s and Men’s Royal Rumble winners headlining their respected nights.

Women’s Division Just Got Interesting

I will openly say I’m incredibly annoyed by the booking of the Raw Women’s title match between Becky Lynch and Shayna Baszler. As I believe Lynch deserves a break and slight change of character and in Baszler have a new dominate beast.

Image via WWE

However, I understand (even though it’s a crap excuse) if it were a normal Wrestlemania Baszler would’ve gone over, but unable to build her post tonight’s final Raw taping aired. So the easiest option is to keep the belt on Lynch until Summerslam.

Meanwhile, it looks like Raw is bringing in Bianca Belair has she’ll help Street Profits feud with whoever’s in Zelina Vega’s makeshift stable.

Image via WWE

As for Smackdown, the five-way title match was decent, but the main takeaway is the beginning of the split between Bayley and Sasha Banks with no doubt a big title match to happen at Summerslam.

This is not to say I want Banks to turn face. If anything make her an even bigger heel, saying she’s been planning this since day one and Bayley has been her puppet, which is why she went into Money In The Bank, not to win but to mess with Bayley’s head.

Image via WWE

Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville are about to feud after the destruction of their friendship, and we can finally see how both will handle singles runs. The important thing we can see Rose and Deville can be a good babyface and heel respectfully.

I also know we’ll be seeing a handful of mix tag matches too with Otis and Dolph Ziggler.

Then you have Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross as tag champs. I hope (as we all say) they do something with them and take on women’s tag teams across all brands including NXT UK.

Finally, saving the best till last, Charlotte Flair and Rhea Ripley. People will be annoyed that Ripley had just started her title reign and Flair winning and going to NXT will mean she’ll be beating brilliant upcoming talent.

However, you have a real final boss in NXT’s women’s division, and whoever beats her will be seen as a future top superstar like Ripley.

Image via WWE

Because even in defeat the young Aussie looked a million bucks and we know Vince McMahon is a fan due to her dominance over Survivor Series weekend. If she’s staying in NXT and regained the title will make her an even bigger star.

Also having a top star of Flair’s calibre on Wednesday’s will help in the ratings.

Image via WWE

All Hail The King Of Scotland

Six years after getting released by WWE, Drew McIntyre is now the first-ever British/Scottish WWE Champion.

Image via WWE

He clinched the belt after a dominating performance against the Brock Lesnar and in doing so becomes “the guy” of WWE. The fact he kicked out of multiple, even kicking out of one.

This match has transformed McIntyre into a massive star but the new beast of WWE, and it’ll be a while until someone dethrones him.

Now hopefully as Drew as the face of the company we will see a British PPV soon as WWE could make some serious cash, especially at Wembley.

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