Anya Taylor-Joy Could Be Furiosa In The Mad Max Spin-off

Some good news in the world of film as it’s possible George Miller has found his lead for the Mad Max spin-off focusing on breakout heroine Furiosa.

According to Variety, 74-year-old Miller is still actively developing this spin-off centred on the character Charlize Theron wonderfully played and stole the film in Mad Max: Fury Road.

The report says the director has had meetings with names and Skype auditions with one name popping up, Anya Taylor-Joy.

Taylor-Joy In Emma, Image via Universal

I think this is an excellent choice as Taylor-Joy has proven across different genres she can be a headline star from the likes of The VVitch and recently the delightful Emma. The 23-year-old is one of the best young actresses working today.

This shouldn’t be a surprise as Miller has been wanting to do a Furiousa spin-off and proper Fury Road sequel for years now but has been in a legal battle with Warner Bros.

However, it looks like both parties have moved on, and the director hopes to start filming in 2021.

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