An Incredible Royal Rumble PPV

One of the best nights of wrestling happened in Houston, Texas last night (26th January) as the Royal Rumble rocked up and blew the bloody doors off in could only be described as one of the best rumbles in a very long time.

I’m sure a lot of people will disagree and will point to things I’m going to mention as to why, but when you look back at the main event, it did have everything.

Drew Fucking McIntyre – A Star Is Born

Image via WWE

Sunday 26th January will go down in current WWE history as the night an A grade face of the company was born, and his name is Drew McIntyre.

Fans and those covering the sport saw this Scot had the potential and it was getting frustrating it seemed Vince McMahon and company were going to miss the boat. As he had everything, from in-ring talent to mic skills and just look at the man!!

Additionally, the story from getting fired, returning to the indies, working years to his return to WWE in 2017 to now this.

With one Claymore, 34-year-old’s future changed. Eliminating the mighty Beast of Brock Lesnar (with a low-blow assist from Ricochet) would’ve been enough. McIntyre entered the ring, looked at the man who was dominating the first half, pissing off the crowd, square in the eyes and about to square up one-on-one then removing the Beast to the second biggest pop of the night.

Image via WWE

Then going onto win the whole thing, bookings his place in the main event of Wrestlemania and could become the first Brit/Scot to win the biggest title in WWE.

Edge – A Return Of A Legend

Image via WWE

Nine years ago, Edge’s wrestling career was suddenly taken away from him, and it was heartbreaking. We could only dream the Rated R Hall of Famer could return, but it was seemingly impossible having got through three neck surgeries.

Once again, the night brought another piece of magic as the second the buzzer went out, the theme music played to the biggest pop, I’ve heard since the return of the Hardy Boyz, of the night bring many fans to tears (including this one).

The dream happened Edge is back with grey in this beard and many abs, he looked like Hugh Jackman’s Logan.

Now this is an official return, according to reports has signed a new multi-year deal, we can only hope of the many matches he can now have. Understandably, the rumour of Randy Orton being his first opponent would be smart.

Image via WWE

Now for his safety, keep him on the sidelines and build to one incredible Wrestlemania match.

Then move on to having those dream matches against AJ Styles, Rollins, Owens, Velveteen Dream, Daniel Bryan, Andrade etc.

The one thing is how WWE utterly fucked up with the broadcast side as fans watching at home MISSED his first spear in the ring.

Bianca Belair – Future Is Here

Image via WWE

In recent months, three NXT superstars have caught Vince’s eye. Due to their Survivor Series performance’s New North American Champion Keith Lee and NXT Championship Rhea Ripley.

Now add the EST of NXT Bianca Belair to the list and don’t be surprised if a post Wrestlemania call to Raw or Smackdown. Because as Belair said on her Twitter “1st Royal Rumble, 33+ Minutes, 8 Eliminations” if that’s not a sign of being in Vince’s plans, I don’t know what is.

Charlotte Flair – A Worthy Winner, Now Build A Story

Image via WWE

I know fans are disappointed but Charlotte winning the rumble, but I believe she is a worthy winner and this is someone who would’ve loved to see and wanted Shayna Baszler to win.

Image via WWE

WWE and Vince now need to jump one massive hurdle by proving why she was the right choice and build the right story.

It would be smart not to have Flair go against Becky Lynch once again for the Raw Women’s title and build to a Lynch v Baszler title match.

This means The Queen should go for a Smackdown Women’s title, but (similar to Lynch) another boat against Bayley is dull, which is why Charlotte should keep choice close to the chest until post title match at the Elimination Chamber.

The result of which has Naomi winning the title, Flair attacking right after and build to this instead.

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