Johan Hill Won’t Be Joining The Batman

Matt Reeves’ Batman is slowly taking shape, however, it seems he’ll be looking for a new actor to play the lead villain as Jonah Hill has ended talks to join The Batman.

According to Deadline, talks between Warner Bros and Hill and his representatives just broke down, which happens all the time for these big films and discussions were only in the early stages.

As for the villain, Hill could’ve played he was being looked at for two roles either The Penguin or Riddler and would’ve been seen as the main bad guy going again Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight.

I thought he would’ve been fantastic in either role but would’ve been more interested in seeing what he could’ve done with Riddler taking the character seriously and less of a joke compared to Jim Carry in Batman Returns.

Deadline goes on to add that Warner and Reeves are already looking at new candidates with one role seemingly having interest in possibly Seth Rogen as Penguin, but the US trade stress no offer or talks have happened.

Seeing Rogen in a role like this and being directed by Reeves is interesting as he could show some serious acting chops as he did in Steve Jobs playing Steve Wozniak.

However, I have hope that a Brian Tyree Henry is in contention for Penguin because I see him transforming the character into being this cool, smart owner of Gotham’s hottest nightclub The Iceberg Lounge, but also a deadly enemy knowing secrets of Gotham’s elite and known within the underworld.

Whoever joins the DC film they will be joining a fantastically strong base of Pattinson, Jeffrey Wright’s Commissioner Jim Gordon and recently announced Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman.

The Batman is to be released on June 25, 2021

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