Zoe Kravitz Is Catwoman In The Batman

Matt Reeves has found his Catwoman in the form of the fantastic choice of the incredible Zoe Kravitz.

The news seemingly broke to the US trades all the same time but The Hollywood Reporter revealed the decision was made over the weekend as she, alongside other actresses, took part in a “rigorous testing process” reading lines with Batman himself Robert Pattinson.

Joining Kravitz in the final testing were Knives Out and Blade Runner 2049 star Ana de Armas, Eiza Gonzalez (best known for Baby Driver) and most surprisingly Ella Balinska, whose about to star in the upcoming Charles Angel’s.

THR also unveiled “the testing process occurred over the first week of the month, and the four were then narrowed to two late last week.”

The question will be who was the runner-up actress and I believe it was British star Balinska. The main reason for me to believe this is because last week the 23-year-old was in London as she posted this on Instagram.

This is so exciting because it shows both Reeves and Warner Bros see her as a future star and I honestly won’t be surprised if she does have a role in the film or future films. Opposite Jeffrey Wright’s Commissioner Jim Gordon and be another hero Gotham can look up to.

Meanwhile, the casting of Kravitz is so awesome because she’s such a fantastic talent is brilliant in whatever she’s in, she was the only thing I enjoyed from Insurgent.

It also makes perfect sense as the 30-year-old is part of the Warner family. She’s starring in HBO’s Big Little Lies. Elsewhere, she was in Mad Max: Fury Road, as Leta Lestrange in Harry Potter’s Spinoff Fantastic Beasts (again the best thing in Crimes of Grindelwald) and Chris McKay saw the future as she voiced Catwoman in 2017’s The LEGO Batman Movie.

Image via Warner Bros

What’s also great is that she missed out on the role in The Dark Knight Rises saying she missed out on the role because they “weren’t going urban” during an interview with Nylon as ultimately the role went to Anne Hathaway, which I also liked.

Finally, I hope we get the Tom King rebirth style version of Selina Kyle with the shorter hair and will look unbelievable in the suit.

If we’re all being honest this is going to be the sexiest Batman movie with both Pattinson and now Kravitz, let’s hope we get a scene like this.

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The Batman is set to release on June 25, 2021.

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