Sony Pictures Got Their Deal & Spider-Man Is Back In The MCU

Sony Pictures has just proved that if you stand up against the mega powerhouse of Disney and their bully tactics, you will win as Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is returning to the MCU.

This new deal means Holland can close off his trilogy under the Marvel Studios banner and do one other Marvel movie.

The deal, that was signed last Thursday night, as reported by Variety, also states that for exchange for Kevin Feige producing, Marvel and Disney would get 25% of the profiles as well as all the merchandising rights and will pay a quarter of financing of the film.

This is a major comedown for Disney, who tried and push their weight around wanting a 50/50 split on financing the solo Spidey movies, which would’ve met they got half of the profits and worst of all had an equal say in those movies and would put them in a position to slow push Sony out.

The film is been set a release date of July 16, 2021, but don’t be surprised if it moves as it’s three weeks after the release of Matt Reeves’ The Batman.

Honestly, I could see these two films closing the chapter on Holland’s time as Peter Parker and this new deal ends once that other appearance takes place.

The reason because the British actor would’ve played the character in seven movies and could be then time for Sony to launch Miles Morales live-action movies.

Finally, this deal bums in out, I know I’m in the slim minority, but I was looking forward to having an independent Spidey being in his friendly neighbourhood, but now we’re stuck with mini Iron Man with everything (including his iconic villains) connected to Tony Stark in some way and looking forward to seeing how for example Doctor Octopus worked on all of Iron Man’s gadgets before losing his job once Stark died, or something else as stupid.

I want to point out, I like Holland’s Spider-Man I think he has the potential of being the best ever and the chemistry with Zendaya’s MJ, yet Marvel continues to make shit films.

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