Bumblebee Director Travis Knight Is Set To Helm Tom Holland’s Uncharted

It’s been a busy news day for Tom Holland because as well as rejoining the MCU (for better or worst), it seems like the Uncharted film he’s leading as found its newest director and it’s the perfect choice.

As Deadline are reporting that Bumblebee and Kubo and the Two Strings filmmaker Travis Knight is in negotiations with Sony Pictures to helm the live-action adaptation of the popular PlayStation game.

I think this a great choice, while I haven’t seen Bumblebee, Kubo is one of the most beautiful created animation and story told in a “kids” film in a long time and believe he’ll give Holland’s young Nathan Drake the heart and fun the character needs.

The film will be more of a prequel to the video game series we see a youthful Drake begin his journey to becoming the famous treasure hunter we all know playing the games.

It also makes sense that Sony went to Knight as it seems to be the natural choice having previously spoken to the studio about directing Venom 2 before Andy Serkis was handed the reigns.

I hope this is a partnership that stays as this could be the beginnings of a new franchise and for Sony to have something else in their back pocket besides Spider-Man.

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