Hustlers Review – ★★★★✩

Certificate – 15
Directed By – Lorene Scafaria
Starring – Constance Wu, Jennifer Lopez, Keke Palmer, Lili Reinhart, Julia Stiles, Cardi B, Lizzo.
Running Time – 110 Minutes (1 Hour 50 Minutes)

If I’m being honest a couple of weeks ago, hell even last week, I had zero interest in seeing Hustlers.

Even whilst watching the trailer on Twitter the idea of a stripper heist movie is cool and it had known people like Wu, JLo and Betty from Riverdale, I still would’ve passed on it.

Until the first reactions from Toronto Film Festival came out and were getting praised massively, which made me so interested and changed my mindset I went into the screening (which felt like it was mainly for Instagram “influencers”) excited.

What Is Hustlers About?

Inspired by a 2016 New York Magazine article (click here if you want to read it), the story follows a crew of savvy former strippers who bound together to turn the tables on their Wall Street Clients. Their scheme pays off and the women begin to live the life of glamour and extravagance. However, greed starts to get the best of them as their friendships under threat and the law closing in.

Is It Any Good?

It’s an incredibly entertaining movie with some with brilliant performances from our four leads.

Wu does a fantastic job being the head of the film as we follow her story and you sympathise with her, especially during one awful moment, and cheer and root for her as she and her sisters become Robin Hood.

Image via STX Entertainment

It’s understandable whilst watching way Lopez is getting so much praise as this is hands down her best performances to date as she comes a mother figure to WU. Additionally, JLo has the best and sexiest intro to any character to a film.

Jennifer Lopez Pole Dance GIF by TIFF - Find & Share on GIPHY

However, it’s former Nickelodeon star Palmer that stole the film for me as a character you’d love and adds the humour as does Reinhart with a recurring vomiting joke (which is fantastically delivered), but there’s no reason given as to why.

As for Scarfria, the director has done a wonderful job portraying these film as it showcases female badassery without losing anything. Playing with the robin hood idea the article projects as you want to see everyone one of those Wall Street arseholes get everything they deserve.

The script is witty and sharp, the cinematography is like a music video and you’re never bored.

Anything Bad About The Film?

The only issue I had is that I didn’t see the awards-worthy winning performance from Lopez and want to make it clear, I thought she was wonderful and did nothing wrong.

It’s just personally, while I see her nominated for the Best Supporting Actress Oscar from her, it’s not a winning performance.


A sexy, awesome, entertaining heist film that’s brilliantly written and directed with fantastic performances from Wu, Lopez, Palmer and Reinhart.

Pour It Up Lili Reinhart GIF by Hustlers - Find & Share on GIPHY

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