A Tomb Raider Sequel Is Finally Happening!

It’s taken time, but finally, we’re getting a sequel to a film I truly enjoyed, Tomb Raider.

A while ago I got so interested about if we would ever get a Tomb Raider sequel I emailed MGM (the studio behind the project) and they give some bollocks reason.

Anyway, Deadline broke the news yesterday (Wednesday 4th September) and excitingly Ben Wheatley has been attached to direct the movie.

Image via Warner Bros/ MGM

Alicia Vikander is returning to reprise the title role of Lara Croft and the script will be handled by Wheatley regular collaborator, Amy Jump.

I’m more excited about this film now and I was already as I enjoyed what the films first director Roar Uthaug was returning but to get a talented filmmaker like Wheatley is fantastic.

The main reason for my excitement is because I fucking love Free Fire, it’s one of my favourite movies because the action is fantastic, the cast is awesome and the story is brilliant.

What else has to be said the 2018 Tomb Raider is the best video game movie ever made. I know that’s not saying a lot but still better then the utter bollocks that came before it.

Image via Warner Bros/ MGM

What else is interesting is Wheatley has recently worked with Kristin Scott Thomas (who should come back as Ana Miller) on his recent directed film, Rebecca. Additionally, my hope is he’ll cast Armie Hammer, who’s been previously worked with the British filmmaker on Free Fire and Rebecca, in the villain role.

The first rebooted Tomb Raider grossed $275 million worldwide, which was middle of the road but if they can keep to a similar $94 million production budget then MGM and Wheatley will be in a good place.

The sequel has been set a release date of March 19, 2021.

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