LFFt Off As The BFI Unveils It’s Full Programme For This Year’s London Film Festival

This morning in London in the very swanky new Odeon Leicester Square, The BFI unveiled their full programme for the upcoming London Film Festival.

Armando Iannucci’s The Personal History of David Copperfield, Martin Scorsese returns to the gangster world with The Irishman and Knives Out by Rian Johnson were all announced beforehand as well as the first feature competition films, including the Shia LaBeouf biopic/not biopic Honey Boy.

However, the announcements today have made this year’s LFF possibly the biggest and best in the festival’s history.

So people of London in October get ready to see film writers/ critics battling to the death to see a number of these movies and spriting between venues.

On my way home I created a list of 40 films to watch during the two weeks and this idea alone makes me incredibly tired, but it’s going to be an enjoyable time.

Here’s a name just a few of the movies coming to the festival.

A Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood

One of the films that was on the wishlist of all of UK Film Twitter and we got it.

Tom Hanks is bringing famous American children’s presenter Mr Rogers to life and will bring tears and full heartiness to all us cynical types as the film follows Matthew Rhys’ Lloyd Vogue, a magazine writer commissioned to write an article on the presenter, as he begins to question his own misanthropic outlook.

Check out the full trailer below.

Jojo Rabbit

Another movie on the wishlist that delivers is Taika Waititi’s satirical comedy based on a young boy Jojo and his imaginary best friend Adolf Hitler (played by Waititi) during the final days of the Second World War.

This will be one film critics will go all Mortal Kombat on each other to get a seat.

See the trailer below.

The King

Starring the internet’s boyfriend, Timothée Chalamet, with a fantastic English accent in this portrayal of Henry V.

It’s no surprise this Netflix movie got selected as it follows on last year’s Outlaw King.

The King also stars Joel Edgerton and Robert Patterson with wonderful long hair.

Here’s the trailer for your eyes.

Le Mans ‘66

Le Mans ’66 (or Ford vs Ferrari) brings Logan filmmaker James Mangold to tell the how Carroll Selby (Matt Damon), hired by Ford, created a car fast enough to win the Le Mans 24-hour race but will need the help from driver Ken Miles (Christian Bale) to beat Ferrari.

See the trailer below.

Bad Education

This is Empire Magazine’s special presentation and something I’m looking forward to seeing.

It stars Hugh Jackman and Allison Janney and is directed by Cory Finley, the filmmaker behind the fantastic Thoroughbreds.

I don’t know much about this film but the idea of seeing Jackman play a charming, cocky school superintendent who gets found that he’s possibly played with the school finances by a student reporter could be an entertaining film.

First Love

Again, didn’t know much about the film, but seeing a brief clip it looks like a kick-ass Japanese action movie as it’s a love story set in the Tokyo underworld.

Watch the trailer below.

Our Ladies

Another movie I didn’t know but now looking forward to is Our Ladies.

Set in mid-90s Scotland the film focuses on a gang of girls as they travel into Edinburgh and aren’t interested in a choir singing competition and more interested in booze, boys and sex.

The short clip that was shown does show the comedy and could be a fun coming-of-age film and does seem to have similarities with the fantastic Derry Girls.

There is a crap tonne of movies I didn’t mention from The Lighthouse to Little Monsters to The Report to Hope Gap and Marriage Story.

This year’s festival is going to be a busy one for The Bear Cave, but I honestly can’t wait.

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