J.J. Abrams & Bad Robot Have Joined WarnerMedia

It finally happened as JJ Abrams is bringing his Bad Robot production company to WarnerMedia in a massive deal worth $250 million, but could rise to $500 million.

The deal, which has been described as “exclusive” will run until 2024 and will see Bad Robot create projects for TV, film, video games and digital platforms.

In a statement, WarnerMedia stated that Bad Robot will continue developing and producing new TV projects in several genres, from longform/even series to comedies and will be shown that’ll appear on HBO and the upcoming streaming service HBO Max.

Meanwhile, Abrams and co-CEO Katie McGrath will work with Warner Bros Pictures Chairman Toby Emmerich creating new films for WB and their sister studio New Line Cinema.

It must be pointed out that Abrams will honour is agreed commitments to Paramount and finish up on Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker before we see any sort of news that the filmmaker is attached to any projects, especially DC.

If you want to read a more in-depth report, then check out The Hollywood Reporter.

For a bit of fun, I put together a list of properties within the Warner Brothers family that could be brought to life by Bad Robot, so here we go.

Live-Action Scooby-Doo Series – Producer

If I could I’d still love a movie, but if you look at something like The Mandalorian and the Obi-Wan series at Disney+ you could make an eight to ten-hour Scooby-Doo live-action film on HBO Max.

Image via WarnerMedia

I’d originally would’ve had Greg Berlanti on board, due to his massive success of the Arrowverse and the first season of Riverdale. However, I fell off the wagon of that show.

Additionally, it would have a better chance of fitting into the Westworld vibe then Riverdale, but a mixture of the two would be great and with Bad Robot behind it the money would do there.

While not a straight adaption, this live-action series should look to the fantastic animation series, Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated. It’d follow the early years of the gang solving mysteries in their home town of Crystal Cove.

What’s fantastic about this series and why it’d work for live-action is because while paying homage to classic Scooby-Doo formula and was tongue-in-cheek, it took the characters and world seriously and there was an ongoing story arc.

It also played off the horror genre.

So because of all of this and the people getting HBO Max would’ve seen some form of Scooby-Doo growing up it could be the first major property until Bad Robots belt.

Wacky Races Movie – Producer

Staying with Hanna Barbara and this time it’s another classic in the form of Wacky Races.

However, unlike Scooby-Doo, this wouldn’t work as a live-action movie and animation would be the way to go meaning this would be the first animated project under the Bad Robot banner as I don’t think Abrams has ever worked in animation before.

On the other hand, the reason it could work and not look ridiculous as a live-action movie if you bring the same sense of fun and ridiculousness of films like It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, Monte Carlo or Bust, The Cannonball Run and Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines.

A bit of fun triva, all but The Cannonball Run starred British comedy acting legend Terry Thomas.

The only issue they could be seen as similar to the Fast and Furious franchise.

So it’s possible to bring those elements from those classic films into animation and stack it with top draw voice talent and groundbreaking animation like Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse.

Jett Day – Producer

Having worked within the spy genre, bringing Abrams experience from Mission Impossible into this new possible franchise that’s being seen as the American James Bond in Jett Day could give it a massive boost.

With Abrams in the background as a producer would get more eyes on the project.

Oscar-Bait Movie – Director

After time in the franchise world with Star Wars and Star Trek, it would be totally understandable if Abrams took some time away from the director’s chair and produce many projects.

Image via Stewart Cook/REX/Shutterstock

When the filmmaker does return and now free to work under the WB banner I could see Abrams taking on more of a dramatic piece as his first helmed project that he and the studio hopes would be in the running during awards season.

It seems his best chance of winning an Academy Award in the major categories is at Warner Bros.

DC Comics Property – Director

Finally, but no means least, is Abrams coming on board to direct a DC property.

While I still think we’re years away the possibility is huge then the question asked is what character.

Because of his work in space, Green Lantern Corps is the good bet.

On the other hand, after his work on Star Wars bringing the prequels and original trilogies to a close with Rise of Skywalker and those who love those movies together, I believe Superman would be better suited.

Not only because he wrote Superman: Flyby back in 2002, that a 20-year-old Henry Cavill was being looked at for the role of Superman.

Moreover, the filmmaker could make a Superman movie that is loved by both those who grew up and loving Richard Donner and Christopher Reeves’ Superman (like himself no doubt) and those who adore what his friend Zack Snyder and Cavil did with the Man of Steel.

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