Lashana Lynch IS NOT The New James Bond But IS The New 007

Major James Bond broke in the UK Sunday (14th July) papers as it was revealed Lashana Lynch’s Mi6 character in Bond 25 will, in fact, be the new 007.

This news led to anger on Twitter (I’m shocked too!) from bellends stating “not my Bond” and then you had multiple reports with deliberate misleading headlines for simply to get clicks, which really pissed me off.

So first of all, I’m really pissed off this is the way I had to learn about this reveal instead of having a super cool moment during the film as I thought once Daniel Craig’s Bond is back in Mi6 talking to Ralph Fiennes’ M and then he asks Moneypenny to bring in 007 and Lynch walks in.

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Even if that’s not the way the reveal wasn’t going to happen seeing Bond meet the new 007 is something new and different, which would’ve been dope.

So if I was director Cary Fukunaga and producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson I would be so incredibly pissed off by this story leaking out and ruin and major plot of my film.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Broccoli is finding the leak and blocking it because I can’t remember major leaks like this ever breaking out. Sure you can point to Christoph Waltz’s casting for Spectre, but it felt like everyone knew he was Blofeld.

Now to the reaction, I believe led by the misleading clickbait headlines, because if you actually read the Daily Mail story they stated Lynch ISN’T the new James Bond just the agent taking over the 007 code.

If you’re mad that “will Bond is 007” yes you are correct if he was an active agent but in Bond 25 the story is Bond’s retired so it makes perfect sense the 007 codename is available for a new agent.

Furthermore, if you’re still mad I suppose you can look forward to the likelihood of Lynch’s character being killed because the probability is high and this will be the only time a woman will be 007. If she doesn’t (I hope she doesn’t) then the 007 franchise has a character they can make spin-offs built around.

My main reason for this is that I don’t want James Bond played by a woman and create new female-led action spy films like the kickass and awesome Atomic Blonde (which I need a sequel ASAP), Jennifer Gardner’s Peppermint and Broccoli and co are realising The Rhythm Section starring Blake Lively, which I’m excited to see.

Not to forget Rebecca Ferguson’s Ilsa Faust in the Mission: Impossible franchise, who could potentially take over from Tom Cruise, and wouldn’t be surprised if Lynch’s agent is similar to Faust.

Hopefully, if Lynch’s character survives then we have a fantastic actress, that broke out thanks to Captain Marvel, as a kickass and awesome spy action hero we can new movies centred around and have them in the breaks between Bond movies.

For example, they’ll be a break between when Bond 25 is released on April 3, 2020, and Bond 26 starting production of for this argument say two years and then add another year so we won’t see the new James Bond until 2023. So realistically, again if Lynch’s 007 survive, have this spin-off Bond film in 2021/2022.

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