What If We Had A Batman Film Similar To 2012’s Dredd?

Last week, I was at a wrestling show and during the break between matches, I was randomly thinking about Batman and what new ways you could do with the character.

Then it came to me, what if we had a Batman movie similar to the fantastic and criminally underrated 2012 film Dredd?

Hopefully, you can see where I’m going with this.

My idea would be that this Batman movie would focus on the Dark Knight solving a crime during the night from the time of 10pm till 5am and it takes him around Gotham City.

As you’ll probably think, this would have similarities to the Arkham games. But ideally, a filmmaker would be able to pitch an original idea just like Todd Phillips did with Joker or take some elements from famous detective stories like The Black Mirror or Night Cries or the number of fantastic detective stories.

Obviously, this would film would be under the DC Black line of films.

The whole idea is we never met or see billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne, only the caped crusader and the actor would wear the cowl the whole time just like Karl Urban in Dredd (seriously if you haven’t, see this movie it’s fucking amazing).

I’m seriously leaning towards a Black Mirror story as it’s considered one of the greatest as the story focuses on the Gordon family. Commissioner Gordon’s son, James Gordon Jr returns to Gotham as a brutal and psychopathic murderer stalking the streets.

This sees Batman in a deadly game of cat and mouse with Barbara Gordon’s life on the line. The story involves everything from poisoned babies to deep-stated family crises.

I’d even borrow from the Heart of Hush story with James kidnapping both Commissioner and Barbara Gordon as James surgically removes her heart as their dad described Barbara as the “heart of the family”. Furthermore, this would be the Oracle version of Barbara.

What makes The Black Mirror story so popular is because it wasn’t a Bruce Wayne Batman story, it was in fact when Dick Grayson took on the mantle and this could be something the filmmaker could reveal either at the end of the movie or not at all.

The reason why I think this could be a great way to go with Batman is that a filmmaker, like a comic drawer and writer, can bring their own fingerprint to the most iconic superhero ever.

I haven’t read The Black Mirror story myself but after the description and reading up about it, I’ll defiantly check it out!

Warner Bros and DC will have a problem with making sure the audience isn’t confusing this with Matt Reeves’ movie. I think from the get-go is to state in every interview, press release, junket and press set report is to say this is a one film story that has absolutely nothing to do with Reeves.

While I’d love to see it as a surprise maybe the ideal time to state this will be Dick Grayson’s Batman and not Bruce Wayne.

This film will follow the DC Black suppose model (if WB announces DC Black as an offshoot of DC Films) that it will be filmmaker-driven, R-rated and one-off film.

Now for a bit of fun, let’s focus on who could be cast in what most like be called Batman: The Black Mirror.

Batman/Dick Grayson – Lewis Tan

Unlike Bruce Wayne, I strongly believe Dick Grayson should be a character open to be played by any person of colour and to keep with the legacy of Batman, played by a Brit.

Now that’s a joke, but if you’re British and an actor with a strong jaw you have a 50/50 chance of donning the cowl.

Which is why my top pick the awesome, fine as candy hunk and all-round kick-ass man Lewis Tan.

Into The Badlands is a big reason why he should be cast and has the build and stamina to wear the Batsuit for the whole time of shooting.

Commissioner Gordon – Bryan Cranston

For the commissioner, it could be easily portrayed by a veteran actor as this Jim Gordon is closer to retirement age than in his prime, similar to JK Simmons in Justice League.

This could be the perfect chance to bring in Bryan Cranston and while it’s still possible he could be Reeves’ Jim. A film like this where he doesn’t have to sign a multi-picture deal could be a more appealing choice.

If not Cranston, then Stanley Tucci should be on everyone’s list as this man can do no wrong.

Barbara Gordon – Zoë Kravitz

It wouldn’t matter what the character is if there’s a female role I’ll forever cast Zoë Kravtiz.

She’s insanely talented and stunning and working alongside Cranston and Jackson I believe these three would have some incredible scenes together.

James Gordon Jr – O’Shea Jackson Jr

I wanted someone completely left field and get people thinking for the casting of James Gordon Jr.

Which is why Jackson came to mind. I think the 28-year-old is a fantastic actor and think he could play a psychopath fantastically and would give Tan’s Batman a little bit of a physical battle.

I’d also throw Lakeith Stanfield’s name in there but I truly hope he becomes Reeves’ choice for The Joker.

Director – Lynne Ramsey

Scotswoman Ramsey directed my favourite film of 2018 You Were Never Really Here, which should’ve been nominated for an Oscar.

I strongly believe she has the ability and with YWNRH showed she could bring the darkness and presences to be the first female to direct a Batman movie. Additionally, would be able to balance the character acting and action really well.

If for whatever reason it’s not Ramsey, then I’d look at bringing back the Dredd duo of Pete Travis and Alex Garland to direct and write.

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