Looking At How The New Era Of DC Films Could Look Like

Now that Matt Reeves has found his Batman in the form of British actor Robert Pattinson, it’s likely Warner Bros alongside DC Films chief Walter Hamada is going to slowly begin a new era for the DC Universe on the big screen.

We’ll likely get a third and final Wonder Woman film with Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa will also be pulling for a trilogy and how many films they can fit Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn in.

Image Via Clay Enos/ Warner Bros

So hopefully we’d still get about five to 10 years of these actors in these roles, which means FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GIVE HENRY CAVILL ONE MORE SUPERMAN FILM!!! Also, let Ezra Miller and Ray Fisher have one Flash and Cyborg film!

I mean if they can give a movie to The Trench (granted it’ll be like a slower budget horror film). Elsewhere, Dwayne Johnson is finally getting a Black Adam movie after being originally cast in 2014.

During this time period, we will get these new DCU films with Reeves’ Batman kickstarting it, then you have Supergirl followed by whatever else. For example, Green Lantern Corps, Flash (if Miller never gets one), Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Superman and Suicide Squad.

I can even see Ava Duverny’s New Gods being part of this new DCU.

Before I continue and suggest who should star and/or direct, I want to state I’m not happy about this, I wish WB just let Zack Snyder continue his five-film epic, Ben Affleck to direct and star in his Batman, Miller gets to star in his Flash film and Fisher leading his Cyborg movie.

Image Via Warner Bros

However, we didn’t and instead of bitching and moaning, I’m looking forward to what the future begins.

Now for a bit of fun, let’s see who I think should be joining both in front and behind the camera.

Elle Fanning

21-year-old Fanning should be the number one target for WB and Hamada. The actress is one of the best of her generation and is an utter fucking superstar.

After a decade of working on lower budget indies, Fanning deserves to be in a franchise and she’d have a pick of any of the female characters like Supergirl, Batgirl and Harley Quinn.

Opposite Pattinson and working with Reeves on a Batman film I think Fanning would be a fantastic Barbara Gordon Batgirl to then star in her own film directed by Reed Morano. The two previously worked together on I Think We’re Alone Now. Hopefully, the spy action film The Rhythm Section will prove the filmmaker can handle awesome, kick-ass action.

On the other hand, the pair could also be perfect for Supergirl.


It’s not going to be that simple for Fanning to be Supergirl because for the longest time I felt Saoirse Ronan would be the ideal Kara Zor-El, especially in the DCEU opposite Cavill’s Superman.

I still think if they go older with whoever becomes the new Clark Kent and whoever is cast as his cousin should be at least five years younger.

So in the meantime actresses like Ronan and Zoe Kravitz should stay in the conversation until whoever helms the project states what he or she are looking for.

Image Via Stephen Lovekin/BEI/REX/Shutterstock

In which case Kravtiz would be in the running to be the new Wonder Woman.

As for who should direct don’t be surprised when some big names are being looked at as an outsider (depending on how her filmmaking career grows) Booksmart’s Olivia Wilde might be in the running.

Image Via Francois Duhamel / Annapurna Pictures

Zoe Kravitz

Similar to Fanning, Warner Bros should bring in the talented actress and say “what role would you like?” and the fact she is part of the family currently starring in HBO’s Pretty Little Lies and starred in the Fantastic Beasts films is a massive bonus to the studio.

I think should be Batgirl, if they wanted Barbara Gordan the same age as Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne or make her Catwoman.

I think she’d be fantastic Wonder Woman, but the only issue could be her height as she’s only five foot one but if the director and the studio don’t see the issue then 100% should be in the running.

Additionally, she could be a fantastic Harley Quinn and an easy to route for Lois Lane. Honestly, I’d go with Lane as the character has come such a long way and more important to Superman and Clark Kent.

Wonder Woman

Speaking of Wonder Woman, this could be WB’s and Hamada’s toughest casting is going to be the woman to take the mantle following Gadot.

Image Via Warner Bros

I believe they’ll go with making Diana an unamerican, even if an American or Canadian is cast they’ll have an English accent, which is why I mentioned Kravitz because her English accent is incredible.

Ironically, I do think the role could go to a Brit and one in the running could be Ella Balinska. She’s beautiful, could inspire a generation of little girls and Instagram game is top notch.

The actress has potentially a fantastic career as she’s starring in the rebooted Charlie’s Angel and at 5’11 is actually an inch taller than the Israeli.


It’s going to be hard to find the post-Cavill Supes, but I don’t think it’s impossible and both could be a decent choice.

Image Via Clay Enos/ Warner Bros

The first was a latecomer in the rumour mill or fancasting to be the next Batman with Christopher Abbott from the miniseries Catch 22 and at 6 foot could be the decent height and has the face to be Clark Kent and I’m sure with training would be Superman ready.

The other name in mind is Crazy Rich Asians star Henry Golding and the British actor is my first choice to be James Bond but if he misses out then Superman is a good get.

At 6’1, Golding is an inch taller and he has this old Hollywood look about him as if what if Cary Grant was Superman.

Plus who cool would it be if Ken Watanabe and Michelle Yeoh were Kal-El’s parents and it could be a fantastic opportunity to talk about adoption. Stating that the Kent’s couldn’t have children and looked into adoption before Kal-El landed bringing more of the Birthright comic to the big screen.

As for a director, it could be anyone and they’ll have a tough job of pleasing those who grew up with the Richard Donner Superman and those who only liked Superman thanks to Man of Steel, which I’m one of them.

The work he did on A Monster Calls and the mum and son relationship makes me want to see J.A. Bayona take the helm.

Green Lantern Corps

The only thing we know about this movie is that Geoff Johns is handling the script.

As for the story, it could be seen as Lethal Weapon in space, so basically a space cop comedy with Hal Jordan the veteran Lantern and John Stewart the young upstart. Or staying on the 80s theme look at another cop comedy with John Stewart as the lead in the style of Beverley Hills Cop.

Whatever happens with the film, casting Stewart it’s a head-to-head between Ricky Whittle of American Gods and The 100 fame and Trevante Rhodes from the Oscar-winning Moonlight.

The upper hand Rhodes has is 29 and compared to Whittle’s 37.

The ultimate casting for Jordan is to get Tom Cruise because if you see any of the Mission Impossible films. The 56-year-old is perfect for the role and if he doesn’t fancy doing a franchise and just one film then have Jordan to show up for this first film and then we never see him again but still part of the DCU.

Image Via Paramount Pictures/ Skydance.

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