J.J. Abrams & His Bad Robot Production Company Close To Moving To WarnerMedia

The battle royale for J.J. Abrams and his production company Bad Robot is set to be won by WarnerMedia.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, while the deal hasn’t been finalized, the deal to bring Abrams and his wife and co-CEO Katie McGrath to the WarnerMedia family could cost $500 million would it’s all done.

This would be a massive win for the studio after basically every major media company were in the running and it was a head-to-head battle with Apple. The deal will likely be based more on WarnerMedia entering the streaming service game as Abrams and company will continue to create and develop new projects.

This will be across all media and will supervise other producers in film, TV and digital platforms as sources are telling THR that moving Bad Robots feature film deal from Paramount Pictures has already begun.

This is the part that gets fans on social media super excited, especially DC fans. As they’re looking at the projects he could take on with both Superman (Abrams has a history with the character having written the script for Superman: Flyby in 2002) or Green Lantern Corps.

I think he’d be great at both and would a financial success as you can point towards films like Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Star Trek. The trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker was awesome and if the filmmaker was attached, he could bring in the fantastic screenwriter Chris Terrio.

While fans will get excited, this deal is more about the TV projects Bad Robot will bring and create to the streaming service. Abrams and McGrath have produced a number of shows like Castle Rock at Hulu and HBO shows including Westworld, the upcoming drama Lovecraft Country (with Jordan Peele), Demimonde (written and created by Abrams) and They Both Die at the End.

Image via Patrick Harbron/Hulu

The deal looked to be a major priorate for WarnerMedia CEO John Stankey to the point Warner Bros CEO Kevin Tsujihara lost his job as while the text’s revealed by THR where he was having an affair with British actress Charlotte Kirk and he was trying to help her land roles on Warners’ TV shows and films.

As sources told THR, that McGrath – a founding member of Time’s Up – told Stankey that Tsujihara’s continued presence was a “values” issue as she and Abrams explored their options.

So I’m guessing silver linings and all that.

However, as well as DC, Abrams can be on board to other projects like produce the big screen blockbuster of Attack On Titan and I think he would bring to life a really fun, entertaining live action Wacky Races.

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