Spider-Man Characters In The MCU Fancast

I’ve been thinking later as what will be happening with Spider-Man in the MCU, post Endgame and Far From Home with the latter closing the story on Marvel’s Phase 3.

So going into the new era, I’m hoping Kevin Feige focus on a smaller scale, earth-based villains like a Doctor Doom that the new Avengers will have to take on or possibly this highly popular Spidey character.

Already we have a number of characters sorted out but there a plenty of well-known characters that haven’t been introduced. So here are a few ideas and see what you think.

Norman Osborn – David Oyelowo

What other way to move from Thanos then to move to the earth based Norman Osborn because as well as being a Spider-Man villain, he has a bigger impact on the wider Marvel comics over the past 20 years.

I know Marvel and Feige won’t want to jump straight into the character and his son after two previous versions with Sony. So an idea would be to introduce them in the mid/end credit of Far From Home.

While it’s possible to have Stark/Avengers tower being bought by either Reed Richards or Victor Von Doom, but another way the purchase of the tower could happen is we see Norman and Harry walking around the building with the Oscorp logo being put into place.

For the role of Osborn is to change it up a bit and maybe make him British and David Oyelowo is the ideal choice.

He’s one of the most talented actors working today and this could be the perfect way to make him a bigger name he deserves to be.

He’d bring so much gravitas to the character and would be a serious threat to the MCU. I wouldn’t even make him Green Goblin, but instead the anti-Tony Stark as a multi-billionaire, scientist.

It could also begin the building blocks towards the Sinister Six.

Harry Osborn – Chance Perdomo

Harry is Peter’s best friend and we need to start seeing it in the MCU if not as high school friends to take away from Peter and Ned’s friendship, maybe as college friends instead?

As we thought we’ll see Peter throughout his high school years, but maybe we can see Parker go to college in the third film and this is where we get to know him and build their friendship.

I’d still have him show up in the mid/end credit scene with his dad at the new Oscorp.

The actor I chose is Chance Perdomo. He’s best known for his role as Ambrose Spellman in the Netflix Sabrina series. However, I’ve seen him in other shows like Midsomer Murders and Shakespeare and Hathaway and he’s a phenomenal actor.

I honestly think he and Oyelowo would have some of the best scenes in a Spider-Man film.

J. Johan Jameson – John C. McGinley

No one will able to match JK Simmons as JJ Jameson and I’m sure people have Ice Cube as their top choice and even Terry Crews looks fantastic, but have someone else in mind.

In this era of social media and how people get their news, Peter could get work experience or a job based on his pictures of Spider-Man and help The Daily Bugle get more readers.

The reason I chose McGinley is solely based on his role as Dr. Cox in Scrubs and think it would be fantastic to see the rebirth of the Cox/JD father-son relationship with Peter and JJ.

McGinley isn’t as big of a name as a Crews or Ice Cube and I’m sure some younger fans would have to search who he is but I think would do a brilliant job in what would be a small/mid role.

Mary Jane Watson – Olivia Cooke

I’ve been in two minds about this as I haven’t been sure if Zendaya’s Michelle Jones is going to be the MCU’s MJ or if we’ll be meeting Mary-Jane (traditional MJ) in the future.

I’m not sure if Michelle Jones is just a code name or not. If it is then I think she’s the ideal MJ, and this fancast is pointless, I’m just hoping she dyes her hair red.

We haven’t seen in live action in 12 years since Spider-Man 3 was released and we were originally going to see Shailene Woodley as the character in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, before getting cut out. We were then supposed to see in the third Amazing Spider-Man but that died the minute Amazing Spider-Man 2 was released.

If we did meet her at college and already be in a relationship with Harry Osborn then I’m going for Olivia Cooke. The 25-year-old was great in Ready Player One and was superb in Thoroughbreds and believe she as the screen presences to carry the personality of the character.

Doctor Octopus – Mark Hamill

Doctor Octavius is one of Spider-Man’s most iconic villains and hasn’t been used since the best Spidey film, Spider-Man 2 but that needs to change.

Octavius could be the lead scientist at Oscorp and lose the use of his arms and this is how he gets the mechanical appendages and he can be the leader of the Sinister Six, being back by Osborn.

I was thinking of who to cast until I saw Mark Hamill’s name pop up and think that would be fantastic to see Hamill get the chance to play a big screen villain and would be a big name for Marvel to attach to add to the poster.

Electro – Zoë Kravitz

To move away from Jamie Foxx and that whole shitshow, so why not go a different route with the villain and have it the Francine Frye version.

I don’t know a lot about the character but if Electro has been gender-swapped then why not go and see how this turns out (better then Amazing Spider-Man 2 that’s for sure).

As for the actress in the role, I’m going for Zoe Kravitz because she can do no wrong.

Hobgoblin – John Cho

While I don’t want Green Goblin involved in the Marvel Cinematic Universe yet, I would love to see the character that was inspired from it and bring Hobgoblin into live action for the first time.

I would go with the original character, who took the mantle first and that’s Roderick Kingsley. However, I would change the origin story around instead of the billionaire fashion designer because it feels like everyone in the MCU will be billionaires once Richards and Von Dom is introduced.

Instead, I’d have him be cellmates of Michael Keaton’s Adrian Toomes and he learns about the tech he’s got and once Kingsley is released from prison goes and find The Tinkerer, who builds him the machine to help him fly.

I’d go with Cho for the role as I’ve never seen him in a villain role and would be interested in seeing how he does as I feel he’d knock it out.

Gwen Stacy – Peyton List/Dove Cameron

It’ll be interesting if Feige even brings in Stacy because of the connection to the Amazing Spider-Man films but I think he’ll introduce her as possibly the new girl at Midtown High.

The reason behind List or Cameron getting the role is because, following Zendaya’s path, they were Disney Channel stars, they’re one of their own and either actress would do a decent job in the role.

The only negative against Cameron is she played Ruby Hale in Agents of SHIELD and that’s connected to the MCU, even though they both doing their separate things.

This is my list of names and characters to hopefully appear in Spider-Man’s MCU adventure and possible battles with the Sinister Six.

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