Bond 26 Fancast

Bond 25 is about to start filming for what is more than nailed on to be Daniel Craig’s swansong as the British secret agent.

After Danny Boyle departed from directing duties and replaced by Cary Fukunaga. Rumoured because Boyle wanted to give Craig’s Bond a proper contusion and kill him off so the next person in charge has a clean slate, which is a random reason considering the next filmmaker will be working with a new 007 anyway.

This leads me to this week’s fancast focusing on Bond 26 and where I’d like to see the franchise go and build into a wider 007 universe. I’d be using a formula that the series has done before mixing new and keeping certain elements.

James Bond – Henry Golding

Ever since the first trailer of Crazy Rich Asians the 32-year-old British actor Golding has been my top choice to take the 007 mantle and the idea was locked in when seeing the smash hit 2018 romantic comedy.

He has the look both in CRA and on his Instagram (he wears a suit wonderfully), additionally to me he has a hint of Cary Grant about him. I believe he’d bring some humour back into the films and character and just have some fun like Roger Moore.

Furthermore, by the time they’ll be relaunching Bond Golding will be 34/35 and be the ideal age (he’s the ideal age now) to start would be a new origin story but different to Casino Royale as I’d focus on his Navy past and when we meet him he’s an admiral.

Other Choices – Jack Lowden, Richard Madden

Villain – Gemma Chan


My idea of this 007 run is to bring back a villain to appear or have influence in future films like Biofield in the classic films.

In this first film, we are introduced to them as a powerful presence in Asia over governments, agencies and businesses, but I don’t want the secret organisation because that’s played to death in films and is happening in Craig’s series.

Instead, the idea of one person controlling everything and everyone while keeping their hands clean is more interesting.

British actress, Chan is my only choice because not only she’s an incredible actress and one of the UK’s acting gifts but we’ve never seen her in a villainous role before and believe she’d have a great time creating this character throughout the franchise.

Henchmen – Dave Bautista, Jessie Graff, Kim Ok-Bin

Bringing back Bautista’s Mr Hinx would be a great idea because he was one of the better things about Spectre but he could easily be this generations Jaws. He’s a hired henchman and the former WWE star is a good actor I’d have him be the talker of Chan’s henchmen.

Plus he’ll continue to give Bond a physical challenge or in simpler terms be the Bane to his Batman.

Elsewhere, because I’d love to see plenty of action in Bond films, stunt woman Graff would be an awesome addition and give Bond a different challenge but I’d have her be the silent assassin type. Her CV speaks for itself being used in stunts for major blockbusters like Wonder Woman, Alita, X-Men: First Class and I’d have her involved in the stunt coordination.

The final addition is South Korean actress Ok-Bin because if you’ve seen The Villainness it’s an incredible kick in the head action film and would be a great right-hand woman for Chan’s baddie.

003 – Eleanor Tomlinson

When thinking of the new era of Bond and the current landscape of cinema, I’d happily add spin-offs in between Bond films focusing on new and returning characters.

This leads me to 003. The last time this 00 was used was in Licence to Kill so this has been in the logbooks for decades and it’s time to bring fresh life into it. I want to add this wouldn’t be a Goldeneye situation 003 is a hero and experience agent when Bond meets them in this film.

Despite being younger then Golding, Eleanor Tomlinson would be my choice to play 003 and you can easily state the reason for her having more experience is because while Bond was in the navy, Tomlinson’s 003 was working her way to the ladder at MI6 becoming a secret agent.

The rising British actress came to mind because of this year’s BAFTA’s in this photo from Golding’s Instagram. Additionally, she’s one of the leads in Poldark, one of BBC’s best recent drama series, was good opposite Keira Knightley in Colette as well as staring in mini-series Ordeal by Innocence and about to star in a big budget TV adaptation of The War of the Worlds.

Bond Girls – Kate Beckinsale, Gugu Mbatha-Raw

I know there are already plenty of women in this film but I wouldn’t call Chan or Tomlinson Bond girls.

At least in the typical sense, which is why I went for these two women as both can bring something different as Beckinsale could be confident in her sexuality (basically as she does in real life) and be the tease of Bond’s sex drive.

As for Mbatha-Raw, I’d love to see her as the only character that brings out Bond’s human side and breakdown the masculinity a bit. Similar to Eva Green’s Vesper Lynd (but doesn’t die).

Felix Leiter – Trevante Rhodes

Felix is basically the American Bond but has never been equal, he just helps him out. If he appeared more in the Craig series, Jeffrey Wright could’ve done more great things in the role.

Moving forward into this series, I’d love to see Felix being similar to Bond. He was a Navy SEAL before getting injured and after a brief spell with the CIA becomes a private detective.

Which why I want Felix to be as kickass, handsome and sexy as Golding and the name that came to mind was Moonlight star Rhodes.

The man that should be John Stewart in a future Green Lantern film has it all for me to play this newer version of the character.

I also believe you could spin-off Felix into his own films and do an American Bond.

Other Choices – Jay Hernandez or Eiza Gonzalez

Returning Cast Members

M – Ralph Fiennes
Moneypenny – Naomie Harris
Q – Ben Whishaw

I’d have these actors signed up first as they should all continue to do the great jobs they’ve started and see how these characters evolve.

The only change I could see is Ben Whishaw not returning as Q, which is why I’d have Richard Ayoade in reserve.

Director – Lynne Ramsey

Ever since I saw You were Never really Here, the only filmmaker I had in mind for Bond 26 has been Ramsey.

She did such a phenomenal job helming the film and would love to see her hands all over 007 and see what she produces and if the producers were to ever have a female director the first should be the Scot.

The other choices were Nolan because well it’s Nolan and I can’t see him directing a Bond film unless it’s the beginning. The other was Wright because if you watch Scott Pilgrim and Baby Driver, it proves he could make a fantastic action popcorn film with a decent story.

Other Choices – Christopher Nolan, Edger Wright

Stunts – Jonathan Eusebio & John Valera

When it comes to stunts no one is doing it better than John Wick duo Eusebio and Valera. I think these are the blokes to bring something new to a 007 movie, especially in the stunt and fight scenes.

With the likes of Graff and Ok-Bin, they would have a field day and enjoy themselves. I’d also have them help Tomlinson with her stunts.

Composer – John Powell


Bond needs a new, fresh sound but still old school so everyone is happy.

Which is why I’ve gone for Powell. His How To Train Your Dragon trilogy score is utterly beautiful and his Solo score is my favourite modern Star Wars scores.

Being a Brit, he should be the top choice.

If it wouldn’t happen, then Oscar winners Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross would really do bold, interesting things.

Other Choice – Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross

Theme Song – Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters should do the theme for Bond 25, but it’ll more likely go to someone like Dua Lipa.

However, Foos should be doing it and this is why they’ll do this new series instead as Dave Grohl is the biggest Rockstar on earth right now and think a proper rock Bond theme would be awesome.

It’d also be a sign of respect to Chris Cornell as he sang the theme for Casino Royale and You Know My Name is the most underrated Bond song.

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