Zack Snyder Reveals His Original Justice League Plans

This past weekend Zack Snyder was hosting director’s cut for three of his movies with the money raised going to charity. Last night the big one as Batman v Superman was the final film and the filmmaker revealed some incredible things in regards to his original Justice League movie.

To be clear this idea would’ve been in the first script, even before BvS was released, so a lot of this wouldn’t have sadly been in the film he directed and as revealed via Screenrant’s Stephen M. Colbert tweets “when this movie [Batman v Superman] came out, understand that Chris Terrio and I had finished the script to Justice League.”

“Some people didn’t like the movie [Batman v Superman] a vocal minority. So they said ‘there’s a lot of stuff we don’t want you to do’ so we a rewrite from that script.”

The “vocal minority” was a in Colbert’s reply to a follow was in a jokey manner, but you have to think it was a little dig. He also gives a little insight into what happened during the post press screening meetings between the Warner Bros exec and Snyder and Terrio as the studio got “really nervous after the response”.

Snyder took the audience he didn’t even direct his original script, so the “Snyder Cut” won’t have been the full vision because the original script was a “really scary vision”.

So what would’ve been in this original version?

Firstly the Knightmare sequence from BvS would’ve been a larger part of Justice League.

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One small detail, Darkseid would’ve boom tubed into the Batcave and KILLED LOIS!!

This would’ve led to Superman fallen to the anti-life equation and when he learned that Bruce was supposed to protect Lois and failed, an angry Superman would blame Bruce hence the “she was my world and you took her from me” line from the movie.

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The would’ve been time travel that even Snyder said would’ve been nonsense and would’ve seen The Flash instead of telling Bruce that Lois is the key, would’ve travelled just before Darkseid got to the Batcave and saved her.

Basically, Snyder wanted to have Lois be the centre of the Justice League and honestly, that’s a ballsy move to have her be the vocal point of DC’s biggest heroes and she would’ve been the character to bring audience’s on board.

Even with a few changes, Snyder was describing something similar to what Kevin Smith said during his Fatman on Batman podcast back in January. This would’ve told Snyder’s DC arc but as Marc Bernardin pointed out it would’ve been bleak as fuck and I’d honestly would have been here for it.

Additionally, there would’ve been a lot of cross-genre in the comic book world as Infinity War would’ve been released about six months after and we would see heroes get dusted before fighting back in Endgame. As where we would’ve seen are DC heroes get battered this summer and fought back from the Knightmare future.

I think it would’ve been a lot to take for audiences to see four major team-up movies do similar things in the space of 20 months and in the case of DC and Bernardin used a great metaphor audiences have gotten use to pop music (aka Marvel) and having a great time, it might’ve been harder for them to change to DC’s mental.

Again I would’ve been so here for it and draw me in and the rumoured runtime of his Justice League (I’m guessing of his original script) would’ve been 3 hours and 30 minutes and It would’ve been a truly epic event film. I don’t think audiences would mind as I believe this will be the same ballpark runtime of Avengers: Endgame.

As for the present, I’m liking what Walter Hamada is doing at DC, Aquaman was a complete joy and I’m looking forward to seeing Shazam and the chief has a plan going forward. I even like the Justice League movie that was released, yes there are parts that piss me off, but I see it as a Saturday morning cartoon.

I just wish we could’ve seen Zack Snyder’s original vision.

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