Legendary Could Be Looking For A New Home As Warner Bros Deal Ends

The production company behind Dune and Gozilla-Kong Monsterverse could be looking for a new home.

The Ankler (via Deadline) revealed Legendary Entertainment’s deal with Warner Bros has recently finished, and it looks like either Sony or Paramount could be their new HQ.

According to the US trade, Sony appears to be the front-runner, but despite the deal ending, WB has also tabled a new deal for Legendary to remain.

It’s understandable for the production house to want a move following the previous management’s handling of their two biggest movies. As then CEO Jason Kilar led the move to make all Warner Bros features released day-and-date in theatres and HBO Max, which basically ruined many relationships.

Image via Legendary/ Warner Bros

Even during this move, both Dune and Gozilla vs Kong were the highest-grossing movie worldwide for the studio last year, grossing a respectable $401.8 and $468.2 million. A lot of it’s down to international markets not having HBO Max, so they were able to be seen on the biggest screens possible. Yet you can understand Legendary being pissed off as both projects could’ve been knocking on the billion-dollar door if it weren’t for the day-and-date.

Though the move didn’t affect both films’ reception, Dune won six Oscars and was nominated for Best Picture. Additionally, the studio has committed to sequels to both and through new Warner Bros Discovery CEO David Zaslav has publicly committed and promised to theatrical releases.

However, I can see those at Legendary being hesitant, considering the massive cost-cutting Zaslav has been on. Still, I can see whoever they sign with will have it in their contract that all Legendary projects MUST be released in cinemas for the full 90 days.

Image via Legendary/ Warner Bros

This is why Sony is leading the pack, as they don’t have a streaming service, unlike Paramount with Paramount+. I see them being a good fit for each other and a place where they could build out a Pokémon universe, even though the highly enjoyable Detective Pikachu didn’t do the numbers they hoped.

Warners could still be within a chance to save the partnership if renegotiations go well and they still commit to the theatrical release and promise to make things right.

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