Warner Bros & DC May Have Found Their Kevin Feige

After years of hunting, the search is nearly over – DC may have found their Kevin Feige!

It was the top priority for Warner Bros Discovery’s CEO David Zaslav, who highlighted the importance during the company’s recent earnings call. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Dan Lin is the man Zaslav believes is the one to lead the 10-year DC “reset”.

Lin is a prolific producer working on films like The LEGO Movie, The LEGO Batman Movie, IT, Aladdin, The Two Popes and the upcoming The Haunted Mansion, to name but a few. Then there’s his work on TV, such as Lethal Weapon, Walker and the forthcoming live-action Netflix adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

This is the sort of CV big man Dave was looking for as this role will oversee both movies and TV, and Dan looks to be their man.

It’s rumoured that if Lin does take the role, he will bypass three separate divisions in having complete control of everything regarding DC and report only to the CEO.

This sort of move needed to happen, similar to how Feige ran Marvel Studios under Bob Iger and Alan Horn, but that might’ve changed since Bob Chapek became Disney CEO.

Image via Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

Additionally, putting the control of the property – which I won’t be surprised if/when this announcement is made, the heavily rumoured DC Studios will also be formed – under one stewardship. As greenlighting DC projects seem to go through a small committee that includes Warner Bros co-heads Michael De Luca and Pam Abdy, HBO/HBO Max chief Casey Bloys and WB’s Television leader Channing Dungey.

Not to say Lin would greenlight something without collaboration with these people; it’ll just be more of an equal power situation.

Honestly, I was expecting current Head of DC Films Walter Hamada to stay on and be given that power. However, following the cancellation of Batgirl behind his back and the fact he was about to walk the same day shows upset he looked to be undermined.

Image via New York Times

My reason behind Hamada staying is that he is incredibly well-liked by everyone he has worked with. This is highlighted by both De Luca and Abdy wanting the talented exec to remain onboard until October once Black Adam is released.

Whenever the announcement is made regarding DC, I wouldn’t be surprised if De Luca and Abdy will try and bring Hamada in as their number two to ease the pressure on their shoulders. Otherwise, I can see him leaving the company entirely and run Sony Pictures or Lionsgate, studios that would richly benefit from his talents.

The search to WB to find their Feige took them far and wide as THR reports Emma Watts (former Paramount motion picture president), Matt Tolmach (former Sony Pictures co-president of production), Amy Pascal (Top film producer & former Sony Pictures chairperson), Sean Bailey (current Walt Disney Studios president of motion picture production) and Greg Berlanti (top Hollywood producer and screenwriter, best known for creating the Arrowverse).

While all great names that have done great work, but of these names, Watts would’ve topped the list given her talents when working at Fox Searchlight before the Disney merger. Then you have Pascal, who has produced some fantastic stuff. Besides those two, none of those names as a DC fan would’ve filled me with great excitement.

However, I think working on DC projects would have wasted Watts’ talents. She’ll be looking to be a Chairperson of a studio, with Apple being an excellent fit for her, if the opportunity arises.

Another reason Lin is close to getting the job is because he’s an Alan Horn guy, as the former Disney chair and WBD advisor sees talent in him, having worked on projects like Robert Downey Jr’s Sherlock Holmes whilst being WB president.

Furthermore, this would be a full circle moment for Dan as he was originally going to be shepherd DC in 2009 as he was attached as a producer on George Miller’s infamous Justice League that was cancelled during the writer’s strike.

Image via Warner Bros

When/If the announcement is made, I hope there’s a DC FanDome of sorts post-Black Adam just to give people clarity of what’s happening and what this 10-year plan looks like. Plus, if this happens, it gets closer to my hope of a Phil Lord and Chris Miller-directed Superman.

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