Euphoria’s Sydney Sweeny Joins Sony’s Spider-Man Spin-Off Madame Web

Sydney Sweeney is currently one of Hollywood’s biggest up-and-coming stars due to her performances in the incredibly popular HBO show Euphoria. So it was only a matter of time until she signed up for a DC or Marvel movie.

The time is now it seems, as Deadline is reporting the 24-year-old actress has joined the cast of the Sony Pictures Marvel project Madame Web starring opposite Dakota Johnson.

The role in the Spider-Man spin-off is currently undisclosed, with the film directed by S.J. Clarkson and Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless penning the script with Kerem Sanga previously writing a draft.

It looks like the project will introduce us to a new version of Madame Web as in the comics, the character is depicted as an elderly woman with myasthenia gravis and has a life-support system in the shape of a spider web. Due to her age and condition has never fought villains.

This is why sources are telling the US trade that the project will become something new and with her sensory powers have the character become Sony’s version of Doctor Strange.

While Sweeney’s role is unknown, it hasn’t stopped fans hoping she’s either Gwen Stacy or Black Cat. While I haven’t seen a minute of Euphoria, so I can’t say for her acting but hear she’s fantastic, it’d make sense to cast her in one of the more popular female characters in Spider-Man.

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