The Batman Will Be The Longest Running Solo Film Ever As The Runtime Officially Revealed

It’s been a subject of discussion for film fans for quite a while, but now we have the official run time for The Batman confirmed.

For months the rumoured runtime was three hours to the point I think fans just accepted it, and anything else would’ve caused them to worry for some reason? Maybe they thought Warner Bros got involved instead of thinking it was director Matt Reeves perfect running time for his movie.

However, this week a runtime of two hours and 57 minutes was placed on the films IMDB page, which got fans super excited, but it still wasn’t confirmed until insiders told The Hollywood Reporter on Thursday (20th January).

Image via Jonathan Olley/ Warner Bros

THR revealed The Batman will have the longest-running time for any solo film in the franchise’s history, clocking in at two hours and 55 minutes with eight minutes of credits.

While people will roll their eyes, I, for one, can’t fucking wait to soak in the movie Reeves has created as we enter the Gotham that came from his mind.

This is the reason why I think it has such a run time because the filmmaker is world-building for not only the spin-off series on the GCPD and Penguin but sequels and other spin-offs in the pipeline.

Image via Jonathan Olley/ Warner Bros

However, I’m not worried as this is just one part. The film will be entirely focused on Robert Pattinson’s Batman and Bruce Wayne growing and developing into becoming the iconic superhero.

I’m also not worried because this is what Reeves wanted, and if the trailers are anything to go by, we have truly only had a taste of what to expect.

I’m getting this feeling that this movie has the potential of being the greatest comic book movie ever made, as WB will be watching the box office numbers flood in.

The Batman is coming out in theatres on March 4th.

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