The Batman Theme Revealed & It’s Incredible As Marketing Is Ramping Up

Last night Warner Bros and Matt Reeves unveiled Michael Giacchino’s official Batman theme for The Batman.

I listened to it first thing this morning (6:30am to be precise) and on repeat, and to say I was emotional would be an understatement. I was in a flood of tears; it really got to my soul and brought my childhood in those six minutes and 47 seconds.

That’s the thing about music, like movies, it can bring back memories or connect with you on a deeper level, and I honestly wasn’t expecting to feel like this.

What Giacchino created is something truly heroic yet deeply menacing, with the beauty of Bruce being at peace of being the dark knight. I also got a sneaky feeling this will be played in full at the end of the film, similar to Casino Royale with the James Bond theme where we’ll hear snippets until the final moments where it went full-on.

As well as being completely original, it’s the different genres this theme goes through from noir and western to something that would play during a ballroom scene in a period drama. Then add the thing that really connected to me at a profound level which is this would’ve been something Shirley Walker would’ve played in Batman: The Animated Series.

Reeves also went on Twitter to confirm he has finished qc’ing the film (basically going through the movie thorough of all the visual effects, sound mixing, editing, colour grading and credits) in IMAX, so we’re getting incredibly close to the film completion.

It’s just another sign that this film is SIX WEEKS AWAY!!! The marketing campaign is starting to ramp up as we also got brand new stunning posters.

The next thing we’ll be hearing and seeing is tickets are available and I won’t be surprised if they break records with Warner Bros aiming for a billion-dollar box office.

The Batman comes out March 4th.

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