The Batman – A New Wave Of Comic Book Movies Is Upon Us?

As of writing this, it has been 17 hours and I’m still unable to move past the fact I’ve witnessed the new trailer of The Batman. It had such an impact on me that I was thinking about it while I was sleeping!

I’ve been watching it on repeat since waking up and then watching reactions to the trailer.

Remember when Christopher Nolan released Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, and it was seen as a change of how comic book movies we’re seen in the modern-day (yes, I know Spider-Man, Blade, Burton’s Batman, and X-Men made an impact as well). Then the Marvel Cinematic Universe become the Hollywood juggernaut.

This trailer hints that a new wave of comic book movies are on the way, or at least WB and DC have another billion-dollar Batman film on their hands.

You can watch the trailer below or go to Vimeo and watch the 4K version.

I want to start by saying how much I love Zoe Kravtiz as Catwoman. It’s clear we’re getting a character we’ve wanted to see, not overly sexualise like Michelle Pfeffer or can I say bland as Anne Hathaway.

While Kravitz is clearly the most beautiful woman in the world, she will bring the sassy and sensual side to Selina Kyle. What I’m looking forward to is the side story of Kyle being the working class/under privilege hero, but in the eyes of Batman and Gotham PD, criminal. We see that duality in Bruce’s eyes when he’s with her and she could be the reason why Batman doesn’t kill.

Image via Warner Bros

As you see Kyle’s terrified reaction to witnessing this Batman battering some thug.

It won’t surprise me off the back of this trailer, and the reaction fans are giving to this character, a Catwoman solo series/film within this world will be announced. I’m more surprised it hasn’t happened already.

Elsewhere, I have to remember Colin Farrell is playing Penguin as he looks so unrecognisable, and I dig this version as a Mafia-style boss and I don’t see him having a lot to do in the film.

Then you have Paul Dano’s Edward Nashton, who gives out a seriously creepy depiction of Riddler, who wanted to get caught by the police and starts playing with Batman from behind a prison cell before escaping and starts a serial killer live stream.

Now let’s talk about the man himself, Robert Pattinson, who is playing a version of Bruce Wayne as the human form of pure rage, and this is something I’ve never seen in a Batman before.

The facial work of Pattinson is so impressive with the eyes so white and it’s clear he’s losing his humanity and this is something I’m sure Kravitz’s Kyle people bring back.

Image via Warner Bros

It was nice to hear this isn’t going to be an origin story as we’re in Year Two, but the film will hint at the origins as we witness this Bruce becoming a detective and figuring out what his dad has to do with the game Riddler is playing.

Moreover, this Batman is an utter beast taking gunshots and beating multiple thugs and gangs.

This brings me onto Matt Reeves’ direction and the cinematography of Greig Fraser is incredible from the close-ups of the emotion of these characters and how they interact.

Reeves has somehow made his version of the Caped Crusader a horror monster that is beautifully realised by the cinematography as Batman walks as the camera is upside down as he approaches Penguin.

That whole scene is jaw-droppingly shot, with the camera on the edge of Penguins car, using the wing mirror as the reveal of the Batmobile coming after him and the look of fear when he looks behind him.

Then the use of other colours Fraser uses from as silhouette of Batman and Catwoman as the sunsets over Gotham that same light across Penguins face.

Yellows are strongly used with the best moment is Batman walking through machine-gun fire and taking out henchmen as the guns continue and through another fight scene.

Before we finally see the use of red from the red wig Kyle wears in the club, before witnessing Batman fighting as warning lights flash, which says to me this club (probably Penguins) is on a boat.

Image via Warner Bros

Then there’s the moment with the flare that is taken from Reeves’ Apes movies with Batman leading the GCPD.

Finally, this film has now got my favourite Batmobile and I will be buying the LEGO set. I NEED Michael Giacchino’s Batman score now because it’s so gothically beautiful but also sounds like something I’d listen to whilst in the gym.

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