DC Fandome Predictions

DC Fandome is upon us as it kicks off at 6pm here in the UK, and all eyes will be glued to find out what goodies Warner Bros and DC have planned for the four-hour event.

On Thursday (14th October), Matt Reeves decided to break the internet with a sentence and an image from the upcoming trailer of his movie, The Batman. These two things have done more to hype up the event than the official advertising.

This is a bigger issue DC Fandome suffered from last year. Maybe the company believe their product will sell it better than what they could.

Besides The Batman, which is all but slated to be the main event, the other films set to feature include – The Flash, Black Adam, Aquaman: The Lost Kingdom, Shazam: Fury of the Gods, Batgirl, Peacemaker (a spin-off series of the popular The Suicide Squad character), more info on the Suicide Squad and Gotham Knights games and possibly news from J.J Abrams Superman project.

It’s all incredibly exciting and I expect some big surprises and announcements because these events are made for those moments.

So here’s what I expect (and maybe hope) from DC Fandome.

The Batman

The main event, the most anticipated comic book to be released and if you need proof again, look at the reaction to an image and a sentence highlighting Robert Pattinson’s Batman voice!

Last night (Friday), Reeves continued the hype with our first official posters and our first official look of Zoe Kravitz as Selina Kyle.

We all know we’re getting a brand new trailer that will likely break 24-hour trailer views records and will get multiple repeats. I hope they use Nirvana’s Something in the Way again and highlight the gothic gorgeousness of Michael Giacchino’s score.

The trailer itself, I’m hoping we get a better idea of the story and footage of Kravtiz as Catwoman, The Penguin played by Colin Farrell and most importantly, Paul Dano’s newly designed and horror movie-esque Riddler.

Furthermore, I suspect we’ll get our first official poster.

Black Adam

The hierarchy in the DC Universe is about to change as we get our first look at Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam.

Judging by the clip Johnson put out on his Twitter, this presentation focuses more on the film’s story and be more of a behind the scenes featurette with the rest of the cast characters revealed.

I also have a feeling we could get a teaser/first look as well.

Shazam: Fury of the Gods/Aquaman: The Lost Kingdom

I’ve stuck these two together as I believe we won’t see a lot as Shazam is in post-production, and James Wan is currently filming Aquaman as we speak.

Hopefully, when it comes to Aquaman, we’ll learn more about the story in a brief BTS or some more costume reveals.

Meanwhile, with Shazam, I do think we will get an official synopsis because we know why the gods are so furious at Billy Batson and some stills of the new members of the cast in costume.


Image via DC Comics

I’m not expecting much from Batgirl apart from Barbara Gordon herself Leslie Grace, directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, and the film’s writer Christina Hodson will briefly talk about their excitement for the HBO Max project.

What would be cool as they’re about to go into filming any day is some artwork, like they did with The Flash last year, and casting news, confirming the return of JK Simmons as Jim Gordon and maybe the villain?

The Flash

Image via Warner Bros/DC Fandome

This is the DC project I have the biggest question mark around it because they could show anything.

On Barbara Muschiettti’s Instagram, her husband and director Andy stated they’re still in production on WB’s Leavesden Studios, so they could’ve cut something to show as a trailer.

That’s what I’m hoping just to give a little insight into the story, like who’s the villain and glimpse of Sasha Calle’s Supergirl and the briefest of moments of Michael Keaton as Batman.

However, what it’s likely to be is another behind the scenes featurette. If that is the case, I’m hoping they add a little more like official looks of Ezra Miller in the new Flash suit and Calle as Supergirl, but it would be fucking awesome to see what suit Ben Affleck’s Batman will be wearing.

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League & Gotham Knight

These two games got a big reaction from last year’s event, and with another year gone and closer to the release, it’s time for things to be shown, especially with Insomniac announcing Spider-Man 2 and the massive surprise of a Wolverine game.

Because WB did a great job showing both story and gameplay trailers last year, the pressure is more on Rocksteady to give more details as the story of their game and maybe some looks at the gameplay.


We’re getting the first trailer for the upcoming Peacemaker series and will hear from lead John Cena and the rest of the cast and James Gunn, and we could learn why this character got a spin-off series.

We’ll get info for the other DCTV shows like The Flash, Batwoman, Superman & Lois and Supergirl. As well as Doom Patrol, Titans (series four confirmation?) and Young Justice: Phantoms trailer.

Additionally, some news on the upcoming Superman and Batman animated series.


Last year, we didn’t get much in the way of surprises, with the most significant announcement being the return of Milestone Comics.

Image via Clay Enos/ Warner Bros

Hopefully, this year will be different and sticking with Gunn. He revealed on Twitter that he is working on another project for DC, which could be the perfect time to unveil what it is.

Patty Jenkins will be showing up, so we might get some news about Wonder Woman 3. It will be cool if there’s info about this Amazon series.

We could see some news about the HBO Max films like Static Shock, Blue Beetle and, importantly, the return of Jurnee Smollett as Black Canary.

Image via Warner Bros

J.J. Abrams is popping in to DC Fandome, and the question is, what could it be? One could be the Superman movie he’s producing, or it could be the HBO Max series focusing on Justice League Dark characters or, even better both!

My biggest hope is DC commits to making a Nightwing movie with Chris McKay at the helm because when he spoke to me, he gets the character and the film he was hoping to make back in 2018 sounded terrific.

Image via DC Comics

Whatever happens tonight will be a terrific night and all eyes will be on The Batman and will be followed by my bank balance becoming empty.

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