New Shoots Planned For Zack Snyder’s Justice League

It should be a time to celebrate, but the news of Zack Snyder planning to shoot additional Justice League footage is blocked by a grey cloud of Ray Fisher’s claims.

So let’s focus on the exciting news as The Hollywood Reporter are stating Snyder is getting the band back together to finish shoots for the four-part episodic Snyder Cut on HBO Max. Which will be stuff he likely originally planned for reshoots before departing the projecting.

This could include Harry Lennix coming in to maybe do some filming as Martian Manhunter. We’ll see Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck in their Superman and Batman suits respectfully for the first time since 2017, and I honestly can’t wait to see that image.

Image via Warner Bros

Gal Gadot will also be coming in as Wonder Woman, no news of Ezra Miller’s Flash or Jason Momoa as Aquaman, for the week plus length shoot and they to be joined by Ray Fisher as Cyborg.

It makes sense as Snyder as previously stated Fisher is the heart of Justice League. Still, it doesn’t stop it from being an awkward workplace, considering the actor’s Accountability over Entertainment campaign over his and many others experienced during the Joss Whedon led reshoots of the Warner Bros superhero team-up.

However, it’s getting to the point that WB and WarnerMedia have done everything possible that steps have been made since JL was released in November 2017. Previous DC Films heads Geoff Johns and Jon Berg are no longer with the company & Whedon is currently working on HBO sci-fi drama The Nevers that has gotten zero interest.

Since then Walter Hamada has come in and firmly steadied the ship at DC Films, AT&T bought Time Warner, and Warner Bros had a new CEO in Ann Sarnoff before role transformed this summer.

Additionally, ever since the investigation into the workplace environment of The Ellen DeGeneres Show WarnerMedia CEO and Head of WarnerMedia Studios and Networks Sarnoff have placed a review into toxic productions.

So it looks like WarnerMedia is handling the Accountability over Entertainment, we’ll get to the point is what more does Fisher want because if this continues into the publicity of the Snyder Cut it will overshadow it all and could hurt it and his career.

Image via Warner Bros

Because at the end of the day, it’s a he said, he said issue. It’ll never get resolved to which Fisher will be happy with because Johns and Whedon just being shitty people isn’t enough, and these repeatedly vague tweets (clearly because of legal reasons) could begin to hurt the A>E campaign and his career.

To the point, THR is reporting the stalled negotiations of Cyborg appearing in the Flash movie as his role has been reduced in the current script compared to previous (probably the Rick Famuyiwa screenplay). So the studio upped the price to a “described three-scene appearance”, but Fisher’s reps want double that.

Whatever happens, WB is still going to be around, and Fisher is merely going to be known as that dude who played Cyborg in Justice League and that would be a shame for such a great talent.

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